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These Boo-cuterie boards will enliven your Halloween spirit!

Nordic Ware
October 20, 2022
Halloween Charcuterie GIF

From charcuterie to butter, it seems as if you don’t really have a party unless there is some sort of grazing board. But, so many of these ideas seem like they’ve been done over and over again. If you are looking for something different, take some inspiration from your sweet tooth and create a stunning […]

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Creamy Bundt Fruit Rings

Jennifer D.
February 6, 2018

We don’t watch a lot of TV in our household. In fact, a more accurate statement would be that we don’t watch ANY TV….that is, until the Olympics are on. Ahh, yes, those two glorious weeks that happen every other year, where our evening entertainment consists of being parked on a sofa in front of […]

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Sheet Pan Meals using the #1 Rated Baking Sheet

Anne B.
January 25, 2018

Let’s talk about sheet pan meals- an easy and creative way to make an entire meal for the whole family using a single piece of bakeware! Yes, using just one baking sheet, you can create healthy, amazing, and easy meals that everyone can enjoy or make meal planning for the week simple. Our #1 rated […]

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DIY Giftable Holiday Treats!

Anne B.
December 6, 2017

When it comes to organizing gift ideas for the holiday season, there is nothing better than a homemade gift, especially when it involves treats! Its a special way to share your creativity and love for baking with your friends and family. These thoughtful DIY sweet and savory recipe ideas are great inspiration, easy to put […]

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A Kitchen Staple You Can’t Live Without

Anne B.
August 22, 2017

My Nordic Ware Slim Griddle sits next to my stove-top at all times, ready to grab at any moment and heat up in seconds. With quite an array of cookware stacked in my pantry ready for use when my meal creativity hits, it is easy for me to admit that my go-to and most used […]

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Bake with our New Bundt Mixes!

Nordic Ware
March 22, 2016

Nordic Ware’s new signature line of gourmet Bundt Mixes are ready and available for all bakers to use! These simple recipes were crafted by a top-notch gourmet kitchen and have been tested to perfection. Whether you are an avid baker or more on-the-go and inexperienced, our line of simple and hand-crafted cake mix flavors are sure to impress […]

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Not my Choice, now my Passion!

Anne B.
September 25, 2015

Gluten free baking always comes with its challenges. Living with Celiac disease for the past twelve years, I have grown to love experimenting in the kitchen with gluten free recipes and overcoming some of these challenges of using different flour combinations, texture issues, and dry, crumbly end products. I will admit that gluten free cooking […]

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Creative Dishes you can make in the New Cookies & Cream Baking Pan

Nordic Ware
July 22, 2015

Ah, the classic chocolate cookie with milk. Combined as a cookies and cream dessert? Even better! Don’t like cookies? (That’s silly) Then try cake! Or Jello! That is what I thought when I saw this pan, but it didn’t stop there. Oh no. The possibilities are nearly endless. I made it a goal, more like […]

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Baking With Mom

Nordic Ware
May 6, 2015

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, there is no better time than now to reminice about moments in the kitchen with Mom. Our special guest blogger, Sydney (age 11),  loves baking with her Mom and spending time in the kitchen making memories. It is a great way to spend quality time with her family making […]

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