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A Kitchen Staple You Can’t Live Without


My Nordic Ware Slim Griddle sits next to my stove-top at all times, ready to grab at any moment and heat up in seconds. With quite an array of cookware stacked in my pantry ready for use when my meal creativity hits, it is easy for me to admit that my go-to and most used piece of cookware is always my wonderful Slim Griddle. Living in a small duplex with one other roommate and sharing a kitchen space, this griddle perfectly fits my needs and the space I have.  With its slim design for easy storage and smaller cooking surface, it is great for when I cook for myself or 1-2 other people on my stove- top. It is an essential piece for my many favorite meals across breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert such as fried egg and avocado toast, chicken fajitas, and quick gluten free pancakes.

There are many situations similar to mine where people have their go-to cookware pieces that they can’t live without. For many, this does include a Nordic Ware Cast Aluminum Griddle. The wonderful thing about this product line is the fact that there is a griddle/grill pan that will fit everyone’s unique cooking needs and living situation. Whether you are a family of 6 or live by yourself in a small apartment, there is a pan from this collection that will match with what you are looking for, and its versatility will prove that it’s a kitchen stable you can’t live without.

One of the many benefits of this collection includes its cast aluminum properties. You might be asking “Why cast aluminum?”

  1. Conducts heat extremely evenly across the entire surface (no hot or cold spots)
  2. Sears foods nicely, adding flavor
  3. It’s lightweight for ease of handling (and won’t crack glass/ceramic top stoves)
  4. Very simple to clean due to nonstick surface. Won’t rust! No seasoning necessary.
  5. Less hassle to clean and store than an electric two burner griddle

With over 10 different cast aluminum griddles that Nordic Ware offers, you might be wondering “how do I choose?” To help you answer that question, check out the infographic below to see what griddle or grill pan would be perfect for your cooking needs!