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Meet the Makers: Paul


We are fortunate to have an incredible team of dedicated individuals that are behind the strength of the Nordic Ware brand. These are the hard-working Americans who create, craft make, inspect, pack, ship, and bring our products to life. They’re the makers who touched your cookie sheet, your Bundt cake pan, and your griddle with their own hands as each piece was being made. Without them, our brand and products would be something much less. In these candid Q&A sessions, we highlight the human element of what makes Nordic Ware a leader in the American manufacturing industry. Through this lens, you will see that the strength of ‘family’ runs deep within our company DNA– a trait we take great pride in. We’re darn proud to introduce you to each one of these fine folks!

Meet Paul


Q: How long have you worked at Nordic Ware?  In my 43rd year

Q: Your department/job: Director of Distribution & Logistics

Q: Any other family members working in the business? Oh boy!! Family that have worked here: My uncle, my cousin, my father, my brothers (3 currently still working here), my sister in law, nephews, and finally my daughter and son in law!

Q: Are you a 2nd or 3rd generation employee? 2nd

Q: Favorite thing about Nordic Ware or about your job in general?  The people and the fact that we make excellent products

Q: Favorite Nordic Ware product we make (or made)?  I’m partial to our Restaurant 10” Sauté

Q: All-time favorite Bundt shape?  The classic original

Q: First job/position at Nordic Ware? Coatings line loader

Q: Your interests/hobbies outside of work? Auto mechanics

Q: Do you have any secret talents or super powers? I wish!

Q: Are you famous amongst your family or friends for any particular recipe that you make? If so, what is it? I am the maker of my mother’s baked beans

Q: Comments/thoughts on working in American Manufacturing when other companies have gone overseas? I am damn proud!