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Nordic Ware Gift Registry


We are excited to introduce to you Nordic Ware’s very own online Gift Registry.  With over 90% of our products Made in the USA and over 400 items to pick from, you can now create your dream kitchen with some of the very best kitchenware products available.   Anything from planning a special event like weddings and anniversaries to creating a birthday wish list you can now register for Nordic Ware gifts all in one place.  The process is easy, so let us help you get started on your registry planning today with these simple steps!

How to get started:

  1. Go to
  2. Create a new registry
  3. If you are already a registered customer on our site, sign-in. Or click on “Create an Account”
  4. When in your account menu, go to “My Gift Registries.”
  5. Click “Create Gift Registry”
  6. Select a type of Registry
  7. Fill in general information for your gift registry. Make sure to include a shipping address that will be attached to your account when people purchase from your registry. Save page.
  8. To add items to your registry, go to the desired product page. Click “Add to Gift Registry” and choose which registry name you want to add it to. Do this for all items that you would like to register.


Managing your Gift Registry:

  1. Go to “My Account” and click on “My Gift Registries”
  2. Find which gift registry you want, and click “Edit”
  3. Go to “Manage items”
  4. This is where all your items are displayed for you to edit. Add notes, select priority, and edit the quantity for individual items. Click “Update Items” once your information is complete.
  5. *Note: There is a section called “Invoiced/ Received by” under each product as well. When someone purchases from your registry and it is shipped, this number will automatically update in your “Manage” view as well as the “Guest View.” You can manually edit this number if need be.


Sharing your Gift Registry:

  1. There is a search function on the Gift Registry homepage for friends and family to search by name of registrant.
  2. You may also share your registry through email and social as well.
  3. Go to “My Account” and click on “My Gift Registries”
  4. Find which gift registry you want, and click “Edit”
  5. Go to “Share Gift Registry”
  6. Include email addresses and a message to send a personal invite to your registry. Click “Send”
  7. Or share on Facebook or Twitter


Purchasing from a Gift Registry:

  1. Go to Gift Registry homepage
  2. In the Search field, search for name of registrant you are looking for.
  3. Find Gift Registry you want to purchase from.
  4. It will then display the “Guest View” list of products that are registered. Add item to cart that you would like to purchase.