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Celebrate The Queen Of Your Family With A Tea Party!

Nordic Ware
May 2, 2022

There are flowers, chocolates, coffee mugs and even spa days. But, this Mother’s Day, why not stray from the normal gift-giving routine and create an experience that mom will love? A beautiful tea party, complete with savory scones and sweet cake, will make mom feel loved and appreciated (as long as you clean up the […]

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Adding a little Bundt to Your At-Home Zoom Experience

Nordic Ware
April 9, 2020

We have seen some creative content in the Zoom world during these changing times at home in adding fun backgrounds to your work and family virtual gatherings. We wanted to get in on this idea- why not add a little more Bundt to your life and show your love for baking? We created some fun […]

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Sheet Pan Meals using the #1 Rated Baking Sheet

Anne B.
January 25, 2018

Let’s talk about sheet pan meals- an easy and creative way to make an entire meal for the whole family using a single piece of bakeware! Yes, using just one baking sheet, you can create healthy, amazing, and easy meals that everyone can enjoy or make meal planning for the week simple. Our #1 rated […]

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DIY Giftable Holiday Treats!

Anne B.
December 6, 2017

When it comes to organizing gift ideas for the holiday season, there is nothing better than a homemade gift, especially when it involves treats! Its a special way to share your creativity and love for baking with your friends and family. These thoughtful DIY sweet and savory recipe ideas are great inspiration, easy to put […]

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Explore New Baking Ideas this New Year

Nordic Ware
December 29, 2016

Happy New Year and welcome 2017! Another year for new beginnings, creations, and making new memories has begun. It is a time when people look back and want to generate new goals for the New Year. In many cases, this revolves around food and nutrition, wanting to make healthier food choices to maintain a strong […]

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Exploring Trends

December 8, 2016

Hello Nordic Ware fans! My name is Nick, and I am one of the product designers here at Nordic Ware. An important part of my job as a designer is keeping myself educated on current trends in design, manufacturing, home decor, and most importantly, in cooking and baking. This way I can help keep Nordic […]

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The Latest Hot Dog Trends

Nordic Ware
April 8, 2016

A childhood favorite for many, the hot dog has remained a simple classic meal, implemented in American cuisine. A popular ball park indulgence or street food must-have, the hot dog has not seem to phase out of the food trend market, even if it is a “once-in-a-while” food choice for many. Nowadays, gourmet hot dogs, […]

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Honeybee Awareness

April 8, 2016

Bees are in the news!  Search “bees” online and you’ll see headlines and cover stories about the critical importance of these hardworking little pollinators.  You’ll also read about the worrisome decline in honey bee and native bee numbers due to pesticides, habitat loss, disease, mites and more. Thankfully people in the know are speaking up […]

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Hello Fall!

Nordic Ware
September 10, 2015

September is upon us and summer is officially coming to a close as the last summer barbecues and outdoor gatherings are wrapping up in Minnesota. For many, this is a sad reality as the dreaded weather change is developing and just around the corner. For others, the excitement for Fall is here, which is one […]

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