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Kettle Smokers That Pack A Flavor Punch Year-Round

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Ribs in the middle of winter? Smoked salmon in an apartment? With Nordic Ware’s Kettle Smoker, this can be done easily and with all that amazing flavor you want in a home-cooked meal. This simple-to-use and top-rated Kettle Smoker is suited for indoor stovetop use and can also add some flair to the outdoor grill.

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What Does The Kettle Smoker Do? 

In about an hour or less, the Kettle Smoker adds authentic wood-smoked flavor to your favorite foods. It can be used with dry rubs and spices as well as brines and marinades – whichever you want to experiment with for a delicious result. The best part is that it can keep the smoke out of the kitchen, so you never have to worry about choosing this flavor experience.

Where Can The Kettle Smoker Be Used? 

Well, great news here! The Kettle Smoker is so versatile, it can be used just about anywhere you’re cooking! It will work on indoor gas, electric, ceramic, and induction burners or outdoor grills. It is also oven safe.

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What Can Be Used On The Kettle Smoker?  

Almost anything can be cooked on the kettle smoker! Try meat, fish, tofu, seitan, vegetables, or even pizza. Check below for our favorite recipes!


What Does The Kettle Smoker Come With? 

Each smoker comes with a base, water drip pan, smoking rack, a thermometer that functions as a smoking temperature gauge, a food thermometer, superfine wood chips to provide a quick, clean burn, and a high dome cover. The dome cover allows you to cook larger items like chicken or roasts and also has a built-in vent that allows you to control the cooking temperature and the air/smoke mixture. It also comes in two sizes: Regular or personal size.



Getting Started: How To Use Our Indoor/Outdoor Kettle Smokers

These instructions work for both sizes of Nordic Ware Kettle Smokers.

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  • Using the hardwood chips included with your smoker, spread in a thin layer across the bottom of your smoker in a 3” circle. For a full-size smoker, use 1-2 Tbsp of wood chips. For a personal-size smoker, use 1 Tbsp of chips.
  • Only use store-bought hardwood chips that are meant for smoking food, as they are kiln-dried and free from any wood preservatives.

Dry smoke or Wet Smoke?

  • Your kettle smoker includes a drip pan, which should be placed directly on top of the wood chips inside the base of the smoker.
  • If you want to dry smoke your food, you will leave the drip tray empty. If instead, you prefer a combination of both steaming and smoking, you may fill the drip pan with ½ to ¾ cup of liquid. Water works well, though you can also use wine, beer, broth, or juice if you like.
  • Pro tip: If you are dry smoking, you can cover the drip pan with a piece of aluminum foil to make cleanup even easier, eliminating the need to scrub off drippings.

Adding food:

  • Place the smoking tray into the base of the pan, and add food. You can layer food but will want to ensure that food is spread out enough to allow smoke to come through the perforations in the smoking tray. Layered food (especially meats) may take longer to cook as well.
  • Pro tip: While optional, brushing the smoking tray lightly with vegetable oil prior to adding food will make cleanup a breeze.

 Let’s get smoking:

  • Place the lid on top of the base, and ensure that the thermometer is installed properly so that it is not in contact with the food inside.
  • You will also want to adjust the vent in the lid. To concentrate the smoke flavor in your food, leave the vent completely closed. For lightly smoked, slower cooked foods, or if you are using the wet smoke method, you can adjust the vent as desired, leaving it open slightly.
  • Place your closed smoker onto your stovetop burner or grill and adjust the flame to medium-low.
  • Pro tip: We recommend having your stovetop vent fan running on low to medium while smoking is taking place.

How long?

  • We recommend an internal smoker temperature of 190°-210°F. You can control this by adjusting the heat setting on your burner. Because the food inside of your smoker is not in direct contact with a heat source, food is cooked by indirect heat, similar to an oven.
  • Cooking times vary based on the temperature and thickness of foods. Always feel free to adjust your smoking times based on personal preferences. Start your food timer when the thermometer reads 190°F.


Food Smoking method Time (minutes)
Pizza (thin crust) dry 15-20
Pizza (thick crust) dry 20-30
Chicken (whole) dry 60-80
Chicken (breast) dry 25-35
Chicken (thigh) dry 30-40
Turkey (breast) dry 45-50
Pork (tenderloin) dry 45-50
Pork (ribs) dry 60-90
Sausage links dry dry 20-30
Hamburger dry dry 20-30
Beef brisket dry dry 90-120
Tomatoes wet wet 10-15
Onions wet wet 30-40
Mushrooms wet 20-30
Mixed Vegetables wet 10-15
Fish (fillet or steak) wet 15-25
Shrimp/Scallops wet 8-10

*Note, these cooking times are a rough guideline

Should I peek inside?

  • For best results, we recommend that you leave the lid on the smoker for at least 15 minutes before opening.
  • Once opened, the smoke and heat dissipate, which will slow down cooking times. It’s advisable to keep an instant-read thermometer handy for checking the doneness of meat and fish.

Smoker How-To Videos

Kettle Smoker Recipes:

Two smoked pulled pork sandwiches on plates with Kettle Smoker next to them

For recipes, instructions, and care notes, see instructional booklet. Below are a few favorite flavorful recipes using our kettle smokers to get you inspired!

BBQ Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Jalapeño Coleslaw

Smoked Soy Ginger Glazed Salmon

Barbecued Smoked Shrimp

Wood-Fired Smoked Pizza

Honey Orange Smoked Chicken