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Showcase Your Love For The Bundt® With These Sweet Gift Accessories

First, it was the Bundt® pan. Then, it was the limited-edition Bundt® ornaments. Now, we have found many ways to allow you to show off your love of baking – and the Bundt® pan, too! From magnets to tote bags, here are a few ways to wear your baking-loving heart on your sleeve.



Bundt® Magnets: These new magnets are inspired by the most iconic Bundt® cake designs, including the Bronze Brilliance Bundt®, Gold Braided Bundt®, Silver Anniversary Bundt®, and Toffee Heritage Bundt®. And, not only do they look absolutely adorable on the fridge (watch this video!), but they are also built to hold even the heaviest of card stock, so all of the important things stay securely in place. These magnets are available in a set of four!


Bundt® Ornaments: Coming this Fall, we will unveil our third Bundt® ornament! But while you wait, catch up with the original duo – the Original Bundt® ornament and the Heritage ornament. Available solo or in sets of two for the cutest little addition to any Christmas tree. You can use the ornament as plate garnishes, napkin rings, or tied to mason jars of homemade hot chocolate, baking mixes, or even cupcakes in a jar. Available in both silver and gold.


Bundt® Storage Bags: Need the perfect place to store your beloved Bundt® pan? We have it! The newly redesigned Bundt® Storage Bag helps to keep pans looking like new even while in storage. The soft muslin tote mitigates scratches, dust, and damage while barely taking up any extra room. It has a drawstring closure and is sized to fit almost any Bundt® pan


Bundt® Tote Bags: Reusable bags are everywhere these days, so why not spice up your errand run? This durable 100% recycled polypropylene bag can be used to pack groceries, make returns, or can even be used as a gift bag (stuffed with Bundt® pans or other baking needs