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Haunted Skull Cakelet Pan



4.9 based on 50 reviews
These little skull shaped cakes will add some ghoulish delight to your Halloween table! The options are endless for what to make in this spooky design such as pizzas, jello, ice molds, lava cakes and more.
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Made in America. Family Owned.
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Product Details

Material: Cast Aluminum
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
Weight: 1.7 lbs
5 Cup Capacity
California Code 109010 Information: Click here to learn more.

Use & Care

1. Before initial use and after subsequent uses, hand wash with warm, soapy water. Extended soaking is not recommended.
2. Before each use, brush with butter or shortening and dust with flour or cocoa to coat. Baking spray containing flour may also be used. Do not use regular cooking spray.
3. Mixes and recipes may vary. Fill the pan no more than 3/4 full to avoid overflow.
4. Metal utensils, scouring pads and abrasive cleaners should not be used on nonstick surfaces.

Product Reviews

    I bought my second one this year! I make scary tamales in these! They turned out so awesome! Wish I could post the picture!

    Best thing ever!!! Turns out amazingly scary looking olive oil cakes!

    This is my second time purchasing this pan. I originally bought this skull pan after seeing a video on the internet and was hooked! I have made pizza filled yeast bread skulls as well as various flavours of cakes. The pan is Nordic quality, heavy and non-stick. The size is great for making individual cakes for parties. I have both glazed the cakes as well as piped on decorations. I loved using this pan so much I have bought more this purchase so I can have my high students bake cakes in their Home Ec. classes in these pans to celebrate Day of the Dead.

    I made the skull cakeletes using a boxed red velvet cake mix. They released perfectly. They became part of a Halloween dessert board. Big hit at my annual Halloween party!

    LOVED mine so much (owned 2) that I just bought 3 more! I used frozen pie crusts and filled with chicken spaghetti “brains”. Huge hit!

    Made the spice cake recipe that came with the pan. Cakes popped right out ready to decorate with my 5 year old helper. Great fun for Halloween. Hope it becomes an annual tradition.

    I made the pizza heads last year for Halloween. My family I didn’t make the recipe that came with the pan I made cheese pizzas and sausage and cheese pizza. turned out wonderful plan to make the pizzas and cakes this year.

    Bought this for a dear friend as her birthday is November 2nd. Made her the spiced camels and the came out PERFECTLY! She loves the pan as did I!

    Finally made these and they turned out great!! Note I had no clue what Fiori di Sicilia was until I found this recipe, and given I had one day before making them, using it wasn’t an option. My modification was to cut the orange extract in half and substitute with almond. Still has a nice mellow flavor and the cakes have a nice density to them. Also I wanted to ensure the ganache wasn’t too thick based on the other reviews, so I ended up with between 1/2 c-2/3 c buttermilk to make it thinner. Went on with a pastry brush pretty well!

    The perfect birthday gift for someone obsessed with baking and Halloween! It arrived at her house earlier than expected and in great condition. Can’t wait to break out those recipes.

    I’ve had my pan for three years, very durable and fun to use!!

    Much heavier (in a good way) than I was expecting. I used evoo to prevent sticking and my cornbread skulls came out great!

    Look out Halloween!!

    Love this pan. Nothing sticks….have made Linguiça rolls, cakes and quick breads. Makes baking so fun.

    The grandsons & I made the Skeleton Pizza Heads for lunch the day after the pan arrived. The boys were delightfully horrified with them and they were very good. Pan performed well, they didn’t stick and clean up was easy. Definitely recommend.

    I am strongly enamored of Nordicware baking products. For Halloween, I used the skull cakelet pan to make both the veggie pizza and the spicy cakelets. My granddaughter was Delighted. I have to say the recipes were great.

    Bought this to give my pupils a bit of a boost this Covid Halloween. Want to see them smile and be as impressed as I am by the expertise of Nordicware in using such fine craftsmanship to create bakeware that produces mini works of art; I have used the time once in a run through with perfect results. I just wish you had shops in the U.K.!!!

    Bought this to give my pupils a bit of a boost this Covid Halloween. Want to see them smile and be as impressed as I am by the expertise of Nordicware in using such fine craftsmanship to create bakeware that produces mini works of art; I have used the time once in a run through with perfect results. I just wish you had shops in the U.K.!!!

    Received this product a short while ago planning to make skull cakes for fun for Halloween. Did so yesterday as a family. We had such fun! The pan itself is beautiful and I have it propped up on my counter just to look at as it’s a beautiful color! The shape the cakes came out were perfect! Will use many times over the years!!! Highly recommend this pan!

    I am not much of a cook or baker but I love Halloween. I bought these with hope but a little skeptical in them turning out for me. Me, not being a baker and only owning them a month has already baked with these 6 times. I love them and can’t believe how well they turn out every time. I haven’t done pizza skulls yet but intend to. If you’re not much of a cook and a bit skeptical if these will work for you, don’t be. They will. Very pleased with my purchase and impressed with Nordicware.

    I bring my skull pan out for fun every October and even on Shakespeare’s birthday. It always brings out a smile and EVERY time my goodies come out perfectly. Just bought another as a gift. Love this Pan. Worth the price for a bit of happiness.

    Just Love the NW products ! So glad i can order from Germany !
    Every call pan i just Love it ! And surprise my Colleges !

    I have used this skull pan for Halloween baking the past two years. I’ve baked brownies, pizzas, blueberry bread and banana bread. It also worked with jello, and has been a big hit with everyone

    Great mold. Perfect amount of detail.

    Don’t forget to tap the batter filled mold on the counter several times to release air bubbles and ensure batter fills all the nooks and crannies.

    Not sure how well these are for cooking, but they are the best bath bomb molds around. Yes I use them to make bath bombs and they are perfect.

    Guests were excited to be served pulled pork on skull rolls.

    I love the skull cakelet plan so much I purchased 2! The detail is remarkable, and the individual cakes are so detailed. Powdered sugar and black sanding sugar are all that is needed for decoration.

    Easy to use and the outcome is perfect!

    I have never loved cooking until I bought my first Nordic Ware skull cakelet pan. Baked skull cornbread for our office chili cook-off tomorrow. Can’t wait to hear people’s reaction.

    I was so excited to use this skull pan for a bake sale at work right before Halloween. The exceptional quality is what you’d expect from Nordic Ware. I’m obsessed with their pans and wish I had the storage space to own all their bakeware. This particular pan produces very detailed skulls. I can’t wait to make savory skulls (stuffed pizza) and sweet ones (cakelets, brownies) and even make skull ice cubes for Halloween punch bowls. Oh, the possibilities!

    I have not yet had a chance to use this new pan but upon receiving it, it already seems like it’s made of good quality materials and the skull indentations in the pan look awesome.

    My cakes came out of pan perfectly and looking scary as is. I tried icing and piping and either I am just so bad or the detail on these skulls are too delicate to show through the icing. I ended up just filling eyes and nose with orange and black gel and they look good. Also tried a chocolate glaze but that took away from the details too. I used the spice cakelet recipe for my first try.

    These are a big hit at the office. My suggestion is to fill the molds almost full so that the cakelets rise and form the backside of the skull.

    Just used this pan for the first time and the skulls came out perfect. Was a trial run before I do more for Halloween and couldn’t be more pleased.

    The quality of bakeware, in my opinion, is unequalled. I buy it, I use it for years and pass it to my daughter, she will pass it to her daughter, no doubt in my mind. The designs make me look like a 5 star baker. I can not sing the praises of these cake pans enough.

    Pan is as described and well constructed. Love it!

    ordered the
    haunted Skull Cakelet Panto make fun Halloween treats for my family. Also made stuffed pizza skulls—no sticking of dough and everything browned nicely–impressed with quick delivery and even more impressed with the quality of the pan and it end results!

    The quality of NW molds is excpetional, they lang forever. Very heavy duty, sturdy and the products come out with the perfect shape. Love them.

    I bought this product expecting it to gave me the result I expected, to make skull-shaped pizzas, but it went much further, the quality of the finish, and the ease unmount of the pizza after baking is terrific, strongly recommend this product, and I’m pretty sure I’ll buy more !!!

    Bought this pan to make pizza skulls. Which turned out great but the cakes I made in the pan were even better. Used a vanilla cake recipe, put 1/3 c batter then raspberry jam and another 1/3 c batter. When cakes were turned out of pan, the jam could be seen through the cooked cake. It gave a nice gruesome affect. Family and co-workers loved them.

    The detail you get when popping the baked item out of the pan is great! I was worried when I put my dough in at first but they look amazing! Just like the photos.

    Made the pizza recipe for dinner while cutting out pumpkins. My grandchildren 12, 11 and 5 years old absolutely loved making them and eating them. Clean up was a breeze, they looked exactly like the pictures.

    I love this pan, great quality, easy to clean, used to make Pizza Skulls, & they popped right out of pan. Will be using this pan throughout the year. Will be using next for cakelets, cornbread, & more!

    Not sure how these work for the cakelets, but they were a real big hit for making pizza skulls. Like macabre calzones.

    I love this pan! It is easy to use, easy to clean and the finished product was the highlight of our Halloween party. This was such a brilliant idea. The quality of this pan is amazing.

    I bought this pan at the last minute Halloween. Was very pleased they posted about guaranteed delivery prior to the holiday. Quality is exceptional and these pans will last a long time and for such a wide variety of foods – small cakes and even fun pizza skulls which we had so much fun making!

    This mold has exceptional detail and the baked goods and calzones look great when they come out of this pan!

    The quality is outstanding. I needed to practice a few times to get the baking time right (cake came out too dark first few times) but then it was great.

    Best mold I have ever purchased

    Perfect for Halloween treats, but really I am excited to decorate them as sugar skulls. Day of the Dead is just ahead too.

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