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Halloween Cookie Stamps



5 based on 8 reviews
These heavy cast keepsake stamps will amaze and delight. Simply press the pattern into balled cookie dough to make these masterpieces. Set features spider, pumpkin and Halloween cat textured stamps.
SKU: 01260
Made in America. Family Owned.
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Product Details

Material: Cast Aluminum with wood handles
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
Weight: 0.9 lbs
Makes 3 different styles - 3" Round Cookies

Use & Care

1. Apply a light coat of oil to each stamp using a pastry brush or nonstick spray. Reapply oil if cookie dough begins to stick to stamp.
2. Hand wash only. Never submerge wooden handles in water. Wipe clean.
3. We suggest making cookie dough from scratch when using cookie stamps. Cookie stamp impressions will not be as defined if using prepackaged cookie mixes or refrigerated dough.

Product Reviews

    My first time using a cookie stamp. I’m sure it will get easier the more I use them. The cookies turned out cute though! My 13 year old daughter had fun making black and orange dough with me. We made black for the spider and orange for the pumpkin. We used two different dough recipes on this site. I used black cocoa and a bit of black food coloring. And just orange food coloring for the orange. I also used almond extract instead of vanilla and iced all the cookies with an almond, powdered sugar, and milk glaze. I really loved the way they looked. Can’t wait to make Yule cookies with the star cookie stamps I got last year.

    Bought these stamps to make some cookies as part of a Halloween dessert. For a test run I used the spooky Halloween cookie recipe and everybody loved both the recipe and the fun patterns. I specially love the cat 🙂 So now full on with a variety of cookies for the gruesome Halloween party!

    Perfect, I love them, GREAT for parties.

    Made a batch of cookies using the on-line Nordic Ware recipe & the Halloween cookie stamps. The cookie stamps worked very well and the recipe made very tasty cookies. The Halloween cookie stamps are a fun way to amp up your Halloween holiday. Highly recommend these cookie stamps!

    I have never used cookie stamps before. A dear friend gifted me my first set of Nordicware recently. I love Halloween and these stamps were part of my gift.
    I used a Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix as my “tester” batch. I did not chill my dough. I wonder if I should have let my dough chill a bit or roll my dough a bit thinner? My stamps faded a little after baking. I notice the pumpkin stamp you really have to press to see the detail of the mold.
    Any tips or suggestions are welcome! I will continue to experiment to perfect my stamps. Overall, this is a great product and my son and I enjoyed some quality time together.

    I’m a super nordic ware fan.
    About this product, I want to know if I can buy a set with other models.. About these I just like the pumpkin … how I can to do? Can I choose an other model from the others sets? Thank you!!!

    I have several of these “old fashioned” wooden handle cookie stamps by Nordic Ware. I recently added the Halloween stamps to my collection. They are pretty enough that I display all of them on my wall.


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