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Grand Popover Pan



5 based on 18 reviews
Nordic Ware Grand Popover Pan makes six tasty popovers at a time. The cast aluminum bakeware provides fine details and superior baking performance. The heat reflective exteriors allows for uniform browning so as to enhance the unique design. Bake mouth watering 3/4 cup popovers and over-sized muffins. Also perfect for crown muffins, Yorkshire pudding, and molded desserts. Our center heat vents allow hot air to surround the popover for even cooking. Heavy cast aluminum assures it will not warp and provides long-lasting service. Non-stick finish for easy cleaning. Limited lifetime warranty. Proudly made in the USA by Nordic Ware.
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Made in America. Family Owned.
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Product Details

Material: Cast Aluminum
Warranty: 10 Year Warranty
Weight: 2.1 lbs
Made In: USA
6 - 3/4 cup cavities
California Code 109010 Information: Click here to learn more.

Use & Care

1. Before initial use and after subsequent uses, hand wash with warm, soapy water.
2. Dishwasher use is not recommended, as it may shorten the life of the nonstick coating on your pan.
3. Before each use, brush with solid vegetable shortening and dust with flour or cocoa, or use baking spray with flour in it.
4. Mixes and recipes may vary. Fill the pan no more than ¾ full to avoid overflow.
5. Metal utensils, scouring pads and abrasive cleaners should not be used on nonstick surfaces.

Product Reviews

    I bought this as a Mother’s Day gift for my mom to replace one that she had bought years ago from another store. The pan was great and the popovers were delicious!!!

    I have the Nordic grand popover pan that makes 6 and it is fantastic!!! It heats beautifully and the popovers turn out gigantic! I highly recommend this pan. Five stars,

    I was very pleased with how my popovers turned out after using this pan. I have lots of Nordic Ware which I love and I am glad they are still made in the USA

    Works perfectly with butter and flour the pan prior to adding beef drippings or vegetable oil. Used it several nights. Finally I have a dialed in pop over recipe and pan. No mystery anymore.

    I have two of your Grand Popover pans. Love the side handles! My popovers are so light, airy, and yummy. They are so big they look like mutants. Now at family holidays we will have twelve popovers. I must say bring on popover receipts for all of us!!

    Received as a gift and what a great gift it is. Used twice now and the results are fantastic. Easy to grip into and out from the oven and completely non-stick, love it.

    I bought my grand popover pan in our local kitchen store in Ladner BC, I couldn’t wait to try them out and made Yorkshires and I have never had them turned out so well. Going to try muffins now!

    I have been waiting so long for a new popover pan! My first one had the cups with the wires and they eventually all broke off. I’ve looked at this popover pan for so long but couldn’t bring myself to spend the money. I finally broke down and this pan is amazing! I’ve never made popovers that came out so huge and beautiful. They came out absolutely perfect! It was money well spent. The pan is easy to clean up to. Your recipe for popovers is the best. I’ve been afraid to bake with aluminum but it truly is the best for baking. I will be purchasing more products from you.

    Works great! Popovers easily release from pan. Recipe is terrific, too.

    I’ve been making popovers for years and have been using a muffin pan. My popovers were always somewhat flat – I could never achieve that classic popover rise. Not anymore!! These Nordicware popover pans are great! I’ve only had them for 2 weeks and I’ve made 3 batches of popovers. They come out great – lots of rise and airy in the middle. I’m extremely happy I purchased them.

    I purchased one of these pans about 10 years ago. It is still working well. I wanted to make 12 popovers so recently purchased another pan. I am happy to see that it is still the same good quality as 10 years ago.

    Popovers are a delicious and simple treat to make. After years of using muffin tins, I bought a Grand Popover pan. WOW! Showstopping results. Made in USA.

    Sturdy and simple to use. Great to rest and release popovers with non stick surface. Best pan ever.

    I have owned this grand popover pan for years. It is well used and still in perfect shape. Popovers are very easy to make so please give them a try. Be sure to preheat the oven to proper temp AND warm the popover pan to oven temp. Pour the popover batter into the hot pan and bake.

    I love this popover pan! The popovers come out perfectly and look beautiful. They don’t get stuck in the pan like with my old one and the pan cleans up easily.

    I have been making popover for 27 years and they never came out this good! This pan is amazing. I also have the perfect recipe and this pan is definitely an ingredient!

    Very nice pan, and makes great popovers. It would be nice to have a recommended recipe for this pan. The cups are so deep, that most recipes on-line barely fill 5 of the cups to a little over the halfway point.

    This is THE best popover pan ever made! So easy, the popovers just fall out, when inverted. Cleanup is really just a soapy rinse, and shiny as ever! LOVE this product!!

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