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Geo Cast Cookie Stamps



4.4 based on 15 reviews

The Geo Cast Cookie Stamps from Nordic Ware allow you to bake unique cookies for special occasions. Choose from 3 shapes and press them into your cookie dough for creative designs that are both fun and easy. Each stamp is durable cast aluminum in a geometric design that provides sharp, clean details. They're perfect for parties, teatime treats, and everyday baking adventures!

SKU: 01245
Made in America. Family Owned.
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Product Details

Material: Cast Aluminum with wood handles
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
Weight: 0.9 lbs
Made In: USA
Makes 3 different styles - 3" Round Cookies
California Code 109010 Information: Click here to learn more.

Use & Care

1. Apply a light coat of oil to each stamp using a pastry brush or nonstick spray. Reapply oil if cookie dough begins to stick to stamp.
2. Hand wash only. Never submerge wooden handles in water. Wipe clean.
3. We suggest making cookie dough from scratch when using cookie stamps. Cookie stamp impressions will not be as defined if using prepackaged cookie mixes or refrigerated dough.

Product Reviews

    I am very pleased with the quality of these cookie stamps. I lightly brushed the stamps with sunflower oil and had no issues with my dough sticking. I baked soft, glazed gingerbread cookies and they were absolutely gorgeous. I love this purchase.

    I finally decided to try my Geo Cookie Ress at Christmas this year. The recipe on the box for sugar cookies was a huge hit. Cookies were very good with very few changes due to living at 6700 + feet above sea level. I dipped the press in a light coating of Pam and then dunked the cookies in Turbano sugar. I cheated a little and trimmed my cookies using a 3inch biscuit cutter for a perfect, professional edge making them looked like I picked them up at a bakery. Everyone loved them!

    I’m thrilled with Nordic Ware’s cookie stamps. They form beautiful cookies, especially if you learn the best techniques for using the stamps. After reading a number of reader suggestions, I’ve found the following to be pretty much fool-proof : freeze the stamps for at least 30 minutes. Form the dough into balls, 85 grams each, 12 per bake pan. Take out one stamp at a time and dip into confectioners sugar, brushing off excess. Press down on 3 balls of dough, then return the stamp to the freezer. If you use a stamp more than 3 times before re-freezing, the dough is likely to stick to the stamp so better to take another out of the freezer and follow the same technique.

    I bought these after attending a workshop that used them to create beautiful pattern in a gingerbread tile format. They are heavy weight and a joy to hold and press.

    I absolutely loved how these can elevate a simple cookie to make it look like it took hours. It was also very intuitive to use, I was nervous about pressing too thin but I felt really guided by the stamp and every cookie came out consistent!!

    Will use many more times and have officially purchased different designs!

    Bigger than can expect, the engraved motif on the base is very well-finished. The stamps have a retro taste, that would refer to our childhood and the making cookies with our grandmother!

    I chilled the scooped dough and dusted each ball with powdered sugar in addition to dusting the stamp with the sugar. I wanted smaller cookies so I used a cutter to cut them down to 2″. I chilled the cookies after stamping and the pattern was beautiful.

    Used this set for the first time yesterday. Cookies turned out perfectly! Dipped stamp in sugar each time before pressing cookie and had no issues whatsoever with the dough releasing. My family thought they came from a bakery!

    Whenever I use these stamps on cookies to give give away. The recipients have raved about how great they look. They always ask how I did the designs. My sister was so impressed, she immediately ordered her own set and a set for her son.

    Great product. I just love them.

    These are lovely cookie stamps. Well made and easy to use. I used them for the first time yesterday and learned that once the dough gets a bit warm, it will stick a bit to the stamps. Easy solution – I stuck the stamps in the freezer for a few minutes and the dough in the frig. Voila! Will enjoy using them again and again.

    I loved this purchase. The cookie stamps are beautiful and well crafted. I made several batches of sugar and snickerdoodle cookies with them. Perfect markings. Easy to apply and to lift off. I’m sure I will use them for many more batches to come. I wish they would come in many other patterns, seasonal or otherwise (hearts, eggs, rabbit, flowers, American flag, apple, pumpkin, turkey, snowman, reindeer face, gingerbread man, Christmas tree, poinsettia… and also more geometrics, and sayings such as Merry Christmas, Happy Easter, Happy Valentine’s, Happy Halloween, etc…) I would recommend to others and definitely purchase again myself. Ana, Tracy, CA

    excellent quality and modern design.

    Beautiful, sturdy, heirloom quality! LOVE these!!!

    These are very well made stamps. I used them making short bread, sugar and peanut butter cookies. Design was stamped cleanly and remained strong when baked. Keep dough chilled and stamp greased (Pam spray) which will prevent dough from sticking. I will be purchasing more of these sets in the future.

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