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Naturals® Baker's Half Sheet



4.8 based on 56 reviews

Voted "Best Baking Sheet," the Baker's Half Sheet is an essential tool in the kitchen you will use in many different ways. From sheet pan dinners and baked goods to food prep, our top-rated Naturals® Bakeware collection is made of pure aluminum for superior heat conductivity and produces consistently evenly browned baked goods every time. These premium pans have lifetime durability and will never rust. Encapsulated galvanized steel rims prevent warping. Creativity meets natural aluminum sustainability.

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Made in America. Family Owned.
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Product Details

Interior Dimensions: L: 17.1 in. W: 12.1 in. H: 1 in.
Material: Aluminum
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
Weight: 1.6 lbs
Made In: USA
California Code 109010 Information: Click here to learn more.

Use & Care

  1. Before initial use and after subsequent uses, hand wash with warm, soapy water.
  2. Dishwasher use is not advised, as discoloration will occur due to the cleaning agents used in automatic dishwasher detergent. This discoloration is merely cosmetic and will not affect baking properties or safety of the pan.
  3. Natural aluminum pans work well with parchment paper, silicone baking mats, and also traditional butter or shortening and flour methods. When roasting savory foods such as vegetables, butter or cooking oil work well.
  4. Nylon, wood, or silicone utensils are recommended. Metal utensils and scouring pads may scratch natural aluminum pans, but will not affect baking performance.
  5. Aluminum is reactive to acidic ingredients such as vinegar and tomato products.
    These foods may darken, pit or corrode the pan after prolonged use.

Product Reviews

    A baker’s dream! I love it!

    Very sturdy and made in the USA….which is important to me.

    Love these baking sheets! We had the big sheet and added a few more sizes to our collection. The half sheet is probably our most used size. Super solid quality, doesn’t rust, and no non-stick!

    We love our high quality half sheet baking pans. Definitely recommend!

    These baking sheets are the BEST!! They are solid, cook evenly and are easy to clean. They will last for years, and years, and years!!

    LOVE my pans!!

    Can’t imagine life without these sheet pans! They are so useful and good quality. Customer service at Nordic Ware is exceptional, too,

    I used mine and I loved it.Then used it the 2nd time and it stuck so bad .

    Hello, we’re very sorry to hear of the difficulty. We would like to learn more. Please contact our Customer Experience Team at

    I have 1 of your cookie sheet pans and I have to say this is the best cookie sheet pan I have ever had …I don’t want to use any other kind that I have …thank you for making such a great product…

    Love my sheet pan, but it ended up in the dishwasher once and is now discolored. Is there any way to correct that? I understand it is just cosmetic, but I prefer the original look. Thanks for any tips.

    A metal polish can be used to bring back some of the shine. We like Weiman Cookware and Sink. Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Experience Team for further questions.

    Purchased this for a gift along with several other products. Great quality!!

    I’ve spent way too much money on millennial brand sheet pans and been so disappointed. This is a perfect product. No warping or sticking issues. I love it.

    As advertised….a quality pan that does not warp, easy to clean, evenly bakes. Looking forward to many years of baking with this…

    I was so thrilled when I opened the box that contained the 3 half sheet pans I ordered. The quality was unrivaled! I use one or more almost every day. Study, great rim, I couldn’t be happier! Thank you, Nordic Ware!

    This is a well made, great plan that is a must in the kitchen. It is not only very useful, but it is made in the USA.

    We regularly roast vegetables and one pan meals. This pan is well made, sturdy, and hasn’t warped or twisted under heat. I have not tried it under a broiler, but thus far I am well satisfied!

    The perfect pan! Love

    Have used a lot of baker sheets but this one is truly a good make. Specially because baking cookies requires light color sheets!

    I was so used to my old cheap rusted pan that the first time I burnt something onto my new Nordic Ware pan, I thought it was a stain that was going to live forever. And to my delight, it scrubbed right off. I read that Nordic Ware products were the best quality without breaking the bank and it’s lived up to that. Thank you for making a great product!

    I just received my half sheet pan a couple weeks ago and already I’ve used it several times. Each time I got a nice even bake. The pan is easy to clean and it has a nice heft to it. It’s not too heavy to handle but it’s far from flimsy. To borrow a phrase from Goldilocks – it’s just right! I plan on ordering other items from Nordic Ware soon.

    Was using old, heavy baking sheets too long. This is super lightweight and cooks fabulously. Made the best xmas cookies ever!

    Anything but tomatoes and vinegar. It’s good aluminum.

    Anything but tomatoes and vinegar. It’s good aluminum.

    Just got the sheet pan. Looks sturdy and well made.

    It is a very good quality pan. It warped a little bit but that does not effect performance at all (it does not cause liquids to pool in any spots), unlike many other pans I have seen before that ends up warping heavily. It scratches very easily but that is to be expected from a soft metal like aluminum. I do not use the pan without a silicone baking mat or parchment paper but that is just a personal preference. The half sheet size is perfect for my oven and usage.

    This is a substantial pan which I regularly use to roast potatoes or vegetables. It is heavy duty so the food doesn’t scorch nor does the pan warp at higher temperatures. It is large enough that I can add chicken or a sausage to create a complete meal, and the pan can be used as a cookie sheet as well. I am very satisfied with this Nordicware pan.

    I love these baking sheets! Great quality and big enough for my needs.

    I love these baking sheets! Great quality and big enough for my needs.

    One Pan For life! I love it!

    Great baking sheet and Made in USA. Need I say more?!

    I just bought a second one because I needed two. I’ve had the first one for about 5 years and it’s flawless. It never warps, it’s thick on the edges but lightweight, and it’s easy to clean.

    Exceptionally responsive and helpful customer service team!

    This is a classic baking sheet that I use for roasting vegetables and baking cookies. It’s sturdy, bigger than many others I’ve seen and the sides are high so grease doesn’t drip off it. It also heats evenly, which is important. I have 3 and love them!

    Thick pans, even heating, well made. The one downside is that they scratch extremely easily. First time using the pan I slid it into the oven, it scratched the underside. Cosmetic damage, but what a shame. I’m on a sheet pan and roasting kick, so everything goes into the oven on these pans these days. Wish it didn’t scratch as easily.

    I purchased the Half Sheet on the recommendation of AMerica’s Test Kitchen. Will be looking to see if it warps which they said it warped the least in their review which was extensive.

    Beautiful, professional and will last FOREVER.

    80 years old and do a lot of baking for friends and relatives.

    I just used my two pans for the first time today. They were great. Food cooked well, and the pans were easy to clean.

    Bought both half- and quarter- sheets. Absolutely pleased. Pressed into use immediately. Love ’em.

    I was purchasing my bakeware from restaurant supply stores, the main one on the internet, and they all came scratched, dented ect. Packed with nothing between them even with utensils thrown in. I was shocked at the immaculate packing with Nordicware! The quality is the best and thickest I have seen. Really good quality and it arrives wrapped extremely well so it arrives in excellent condition. I have purchased all of the “naturals” they have either on here or online somewhere else and I wouldn’t part with one piece of it. No warping, easy to clean, heavy duty and best of all… MADE IN THE USA!!!

    Happy with this product, 100%

    I’m not lying when I say that this is the only baking sheet I own (I am a minimalist.). This was a wedding gift – and I’ve been married for 15 years. I use it at least two or more times a week. It has not warped and bakes evenly (I’ve even scorched it a few times). I am finally going to purchase another one (the higher sided baking sheet) just to have have something for back up.

    I have had lots of cooking sheets, some expensive and some not so much. Warping, spilling and sticking have been a problem. This sheet is sturdy, durable and capable of a whole dinner or a single squash.


    This is the best sheet that I’ve used. Excellent conduction, does not warp under any circumstances and is truly non stick. The ‘Made in the USA’ is a bonus. Highly recommended.

    I love this pan! It’s made so well and everything bakes wonderfully on it! I love these products and I love that they are made in the USA.

    I have used this baking sheet once so far to make scones. It met my expectations. My scones baked evenly, and the bottoms were perfect. Unlike my old baking sheet, this one did not warp up at the corners when it got hot. It stayed perfectly level throughout the baking time.

    I use daily, although not for baking. Am a chocolatier, so use them for placing and storing chocolates in progress.

    Great quality.

    I received two of these pans last year as a Christmas gift. Within the first month I had already used both of them multiple times. These are a better quality bake ware item than another Made in the USA product I received several years ago. There has been no warping so far, which I am also impressed over. Even though I have a dishwasher, I wash the pans by hand and let them dry thoroughly before placing them back in storage. To help keep the pan cleaner, I have occasionally used a sheet of aluminum foil instead of parchment paper. If I can keep treating them nicely, I am sure they will last me a long time.

    These pans are great quality! Sturdy and will not warp.

    Haven’t used this yet, but I bought it as a duplicate for one I already own – so good I know I can use two. Aluminum is the best for not rusting, not too heavy, great for baking cookies or French toast “casserole”, easy to wash.

    Very good pan, a must have for any kitchen. While I’d not call it light weight it nearly matches the thicker aluminum baking sheets our family used in our restaurant.??Note on washing. Never let it stand in dishwater, it will eventually discolor when left too long which does not affect it’s performance of course. Instead wash it and hand dry it fairly quickly. ??Note on parchment paper and spay or sold shortening. Depending on what you are cooking you can use a re-usable Sil-Pat, or equivalant, pan liner. I’ve tested this and it works fine if food will not touch sides or bottom of the pan in which case I go with the solid or spray vegetable shortening.

    I am a loyal Nordic Ware fan; these pans are fantastic and I love that they are still made in America. This is one of only many Nordic Ware baking pans I have bought and loved!

    I have a small business and I bought one of these to try. Absolutely love it. I am planning on buying more

    I used this Bakers half sheet pan while in cooking school and always wanted one of my own. One day my wife and i where out shopping and i came across this sheet pan and i had to have it because i do a lot of cooking and baking at home for my family at home. I am very happy with this product and I can’t wait to try other products I plan to have all my baking pans from this company, I love it.

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