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Naturals® Big Sheet Baking Pan



4.8 based on 18 reviews

Make large batches of cookies and bars with this extra large sheet pan. Fits most standard size ovens. 35 percent larger surface than the half sheet! Our commercial-duty Naturals® Bakeware is made of even-heating, rust-proof aluminum and features a galvanized steel encapsulated reinforcement around the rims for added strength. Bakers agree that aluminum bakes and browns best. Whether you're cooking sweet or savory foods or even sheet pan means, this pan feeds a crowd and allows you to cook more food in less time.

SKU: 44600
Made in America. Family Owned.
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Product Details

Interior Dimensions: L: 21 in. W: 15 in. H: 1 in.
Material: Aluminum
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
Weight: 2.1 lbs
Made In: USA
California Code 109010 Information: Click here to learn more.

Use & Care

1. Before initial use and after subsequent uses, hand wash with warm, soapy water.
2. Dishwasher use is not advised, as discoloration will occur due to the cleaning agents used in automatic dishwasher detergent. This discoloration is merely cosmetic and will not affect baking properties or safety of the pan.
3. Natural aluminum pans work well with parchment paper, silicone baking mats, and also traditional butter or shortening and flour methods. When roasting savory foods such as vegetables, butter or cooking oil work well.
4. Nylon, wood, or silicone utensils are recommended. Metal utensils and scouring pads may scratch natural aluminum pans, but will not affect baking performance.

Product Reviews

    HIGHLY RECCOMEND!!! Absolutely LOVE this pan!! Large enough to oven cook a pound of bacon and bake large batches of cookies and brownies. (holds 2- 3 brownie mixes depending on desired thickness). EASY CLEAN UP!! Purchased my first full sheet pan at a bargin estate sale. Planning on Purchasing 2 more for my larger baking projects!!

    I bought 2 baking pans. Absolutely love them. Baking time is faster when the pans are this large. High quality. I’ll never need to buy another baking pan.

    I am a home baker and own SIX of these pans (and half dozen in a smaller size as well). They are my favorite by far. They allow for maximum amount of product to be perfectly baked, while still fitting in a conventional home oven. I am leaving a comment to echo the others…we need snap on lids for this size! 5 stars on the pan itself. 4 for the fact that this size doesn’t have a snap on lid option. Most people using this size pan would certainly prefer to have a cover, not only for storage, but stacking and moving this quantity around.

    I love this pan! They are great for baking sugar cookies in large quantities! The only thing that would make them better is if they made a cover the size of the pan. Please consider!

    Love this sheet pan, but WHYYYYY doesn’t Nordicware make a cover for it?

    I’ve owned This baking sheet for at least 8 years it is the best baking sheet I’ve ever owned and I’m 55

    Love these pans. I have two I use for everything. Grilling veggies or salmon. It always cooks great and easy clean up

    This is the best pan I have ever used…I will no longer use any other kind …thank you for such a great product…

    I’ve spent way too much money on millennial brand sheet pans and been so disappointed. This is a perfect product. No warping or sticking issues. I love it.

    Nice and big but not durable. I’ve used this pan once to cook cookies, used parchment paper and hand washed it. The corners are already discolored. For the price I hoped to get years of use.

    I love this baking sheet. I purchased this mainly because it was made in the USA. The sheet is superior quality, doesn’t warp, easy to clean, and fits like a glove in my oven.

    I already have 2 of these pans. Wanted to replace other pans I had. They are great for baking. The quality is great. Plus made in the USA.

    I already had two of these pans. Bought these to replace two other pans. I love the durability, the look and the baking elements of the pan. Best part….MADE IN THE USA !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pans are beautiful and fit perfect in our standard but old oven. We use parchment to cover the cooking surface to protect against scratching and aluminum leaching. The pans to scratch easily through contact with objects.

    These sheets are the best I have ever owned – I have bought them for several years now and have gifted them as well. They clean up nicely and look almost new still. I have oversized sheet, half sheets, and quarter size. They are worth every penny AND made in the USA!!

    Everyone should purchase commercial sheet baking pans for there baking usage. Even heat distribution throughout the pans for cooking anything.

    This baking sheet is the same great quality I’ve come to expect from all Nordic Ware pans. I have never had one this size before–and I ask myself “why not?” because it’s so very useful. I’m glad I purchased it.

    Best baking sheet ever!

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