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Yuletide Cookie Stamps

Yuletide Cookie Stamps


Brown Sugar & Cardamom Stamped Shortbread Cookies

4.7 based on 15 reviews






  • cookie dough:
  • 1 cup salted butter, room temperature
  • 1/2 cup dark brown sugar, packed
  • 1/2 tsp ground cardamom
  • 21/4 cups all-purpose flour
  • cardamom sugar mixture:
  • 1/4 cup white sugar
  • 1/2 tsp cardamom


In a stand mixer, cream together brown sugar and butter for about 1 minute. In a separate bowl, mix cardamom and flour. Slowly incorporate flour mixture into dough. Cover and refrigerate dough for about an hour.

Preheat oven to 350°F. When ready, roll dough into 1” balls and roll in cardamom sugar mixture. Place them 2” apart on a baking sheet. Press down on dough balls with cookie stamps, slightly rocking each stamp to release designs. Bake cookies for 11–13 minutes until golden and allow to cool on a cooling grid. Repeat with remaining dough.

Read Recipe Reviews

    I’ve made three batches so far. I didn’t mix the first batch long enough so the dough was crumbly (but easily fixed by pressing together the crumbs). The first two times I struggled with getting the cookie stamps to release, so resorted to rolling the dough to about 3 mm, cutting a circle, then dipping both sides in the sugar mixture. They were just fine. Today I retried the cookie stamps, both rolling the balls in the sugar but then dipping the stamp in the sugar too before stamping. Came out quite lovely. I try to find good cookie recipes for the bake sales at various Nordic events in my area; I plan to make this recipe again and again.

    Delicious cookies! I’ve made them exactly as the recipe called for; then, I made them with freshly ground (green) cardamom seeds – and they were even better! The freshly ground cardamom definitely improves the flavor, over using already ground cardamom from the store.
    I also made them with GF flour, and then with both GF flour and vegan “butter”, to suit a friend’s dietary needs. This is an excellent recipe, regardless of the flour or butter you use. I do not have any stamps, so I smashed the cookies with a sturdy, flat-bottomed glass, which I dipped in the cardamom / sugar mixture for each cookie.

    These cookies are delicious.

    I do have some notes. I would substitute a 1/4 to 1/2 of flour for non-glutinuos rice flour to get crisper edges. I would also roll out the dough balls to 2″ or 3″ so I can get a full design with a thicker cookie. I used the flower stamp from the all seasons set. The recipe says 1″ balls but it is difficult to remove the cookie from the stamp.

    Underwhelmed by this recipe. It’s a lot of butter for not many cookies the recipe made. If I make again will add a 1/2 tsp salt (our taste buds were searching for it!) and bump up the cardamom to 3/4- 1 tsp as it was just too subtle. We found that about 28 grams per cookie was about right, but might go even to 25 grams next time for a thinner, crisper cookie. Froze stamps as someone wisely suggested and then dipped stamp into spiced sugar. They were pretty.

    These cookies are a nice variation on shortbread with the addition of Cardamon and Brown Sugar. I loved the subtle warm, spice flavor. I took the advice of one reviewer who dipped the stamps in the cardamon sugar mixture before stamping and that helped the cookies release from the stamps. I will definitely make these again. Beware… you won’t be able to eat just one.

    These cookies are delicious as look so festive when you use the cookie stamps.

    These are super delicious cookies. It was my first time with the recipe and the Yuletide stamps. I have to say the 1” ball size is way too small for the stamps. 2” would be better. I had some trouble because I didn’t know to flour the stamps.

    So easy and so delicious! I used Super Fine sugar in place of granulated sugar in the last step. I had to peel the cookies off the stamps but they came off cleanly.

    I made 240 of these incredible cookies for my son’s wedding as favors for the guests. I used a personalized cookie stamp with their initials and wedding date. They came out perfectly. Since I had made this cookie before, I knew how utterly delicious they were. I will make this cookie again and again!!

    Very easy recipe, few ingredients, and quick to make. These cookies turned out delicious. I made them using my hand held Kitchen Aid mixer, creaming the butter and sugar for about two minutes on medium speed. After adding the flour, I continued to mix for about five minutes and the mixture was still crumbly. I added one teaspoon of vanilla and continued mixing until obtaining a workable dough. After refrigerating the cookies for one hour, I used an ice cream scoop to make them all the same size, rolled them in the sugar/cardamom mixture and froze them. They were delicious fresh out of the oven.

    I altered this recipe because I did not have cardamom on hand. I added 1 teaspoon of vanilla and 1 teaspoon of almond extract to the creamed butter-sugar mixture. Then added flour. These are delicious holiday cookies and look beautiful with the cookie stamp.

    Lovely recipe, although rolling the ball in sugar made it difficult to release the cookie stamp (because the ball wouldn’t adhere to the baking sheet). What worked better for me was dipping my stamp in the sugar and cardamom mixture prior to stamping.

    I have not a batch of these without getting compliments on how delicious they are. The cardamon is a perfect addition to give it a hint of something special. I do think making sure the dough is well chilled and brushing a little bit of non-stick backing spray on the stamps helps a lot so the dough does not stick to the stamps.

    My sister-in-law brought these cookies to our family holiday dinner – so good! Cardamom is a nice, unique change from the standard spice combinations. She says the dough comes together super easy, too. Good thing for me, one of my gifts this Christmas was a set of cookie stamps.

    Absolutely delicious cookies. When they’re nicely browned they have a nice bite/crumble like shortbread. Cardamom gives a nice subtle taste more festive than just a plain shortbread. Great with coffee or Earl Grey tea. I will be making these again. Thank you for the recipe.

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Product Used In This Recipe

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Yuletide Cookie Stamps

Yuletide Cookie Stamps