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Pretty Pleated Cookie Stamps



4.7 based on 6 reviews
If you fancy extraordinarily lovely home-baked cookies here's an easy way to make them. Simply roll dough into balls and press with these cookie stamps to produce three distinctive shapes with radiant 3D imprints and scalloped edges. Includes star, diamond and floral designs so beautiful that no frosting is needed (though you can add it if you wish). The iconic motifs have year-round appeal, so they're for the holidays and more! Crafted in the USA of cast aluminum with red hardwood handles.
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Product Details

Material: Cast Aluminum with wood handles
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
Weight: 0.9 lbs
Makes 3 different cut-out designs
California Code 109010 Information: Click here to learn more.

Use & Care

1. Chill stamps prior to use. Always use cold dough. If sticking occurs, dip stamp in flour or sugar, or brush with oil. 2. Hand wash only. Never submerge wooden handles in water. Wipe clean.
3. We suggest making cookie dough from scratch when using cookie stamps. Cookie stamp impressions will not be as defined if using refrigerated prepackaged dough.

Product Reviews

    I used these for the first time yesterday, using the recipe on the box. They worked well with only 3 out of the batch sticking to the stamp, but I found I could get them out carefully with a toothpick. Also-I suggest after the cookies are on the baking sheet, run the tip of a toothpick around the edge of the cookie to separate the excess dough from the tiny nooks and crannies in the cookies. This way, the excess dough can be removed more thoroughly and the cookie edges will be clean and crisp after baking. the cookies were pretty and tasty.

    I’m thrilled with Nordic Ware’s cookie stamps. They form beautiful cookies, especially if you learn the best techniques for using the stamps. After reading a number of reader suggestions, I’ve found the following to be pretty much fool-proof : freeze the stamps for at least 30 minutes. Form the dough into balls, 85 grams each, 12 per bake pan. Take out one stamp at a time and dip into confectioners sugar, brushing off excess. Press down on 3 balls of dough, then return the stamp to the freezer. If you use a stamp more than 3 times before re-freezing, the dough is likely to stick to the stamp so better to take another out of the freezer and follow the same technique.

    I haven’t used these yet. I bought them because I have other Nordic Ware cookie stamps I use. The cookie stamps make beautiful unique cookies. A fun to use product.

    I am enjoying using this product. It makes for pretty cookies. There is a learning curve and I have reached out for help, received it and that helped me.

    These are going to be so much fun to use with my daughters and grandchildren!!!

    Bought for a present, the person who received them has been very impressed by the high quality of these stamps. Beautiful to see, easy to use!

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