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Compact Micro-Go-Round



3.7 based on 21 reviews
The original microwave turntable for mid- and full-sized microwaves. Eliminates hot and cold spots in food. Simple wind-up design.
SKU: 62301
Made in America. Family Owned.
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Product Details

Interior Dimensions: L: 9.5 in. W: 9.5 in. H: 1.4 in.
Material: BPA-free and Melamine Free Plastic
Warranty: 5 Year Warranty
Weight: 2.7 lbs
Made In: USA
California Code 109010 Information: Click here to learn more.

Use & Care

1. Hand wash with a warm soapy cloth before
initial use and after subsequent uses. DO NOT submerge in water or put in dishwasher.
2. Turn Micro-Go-Round upside-down and wind
base clockwise until slight resistance is felt. DO NOT overwind.
3. Place the Micro-Go-Round in microwave.
4. Place a plate with food on the Micro-Go-Round. Push down to activate. DO NOT place food or popcorn bags directly on Micro-Go-Round.
5. For microwave use only.

Product Reviews

    After updating our kitchen, we bought a drawer-style microwave oven that doesn’t have a rotating turntable. The Compact Micro-Go-Round. was perfect for our new Microwave! The quality is great and highly recommend it!

    I’m very happy with my Compact Micro-Go-Round. I’ve had one for years, and when I needed a replacement the warranty covered it. It beats stopping the microwave every few minutes to turn the bowl or dish.

    They break. On my third one. One was replaced under warranty. They can’t handle the heat from the item sitting on it, long term.

    Great product if you have an old microwave without a turntable. The first one I bought malfunctioned after couple of years but the great hassle free warranty made for a simple replacement. I would recommend both the product and Nordic Ware.

    The company stands behind their products! They replaced my microwave turntable when it stopped working. Good warranty policy!

    If you have a Microwave that does not have its own turntable this is your solution. After winding, it turns slowly for even cooking. Any questions or problems are taken care of with excellent, caring customer service.

    Works great especially if your microwave doesn’t have or has a broken turntable.

    Micro-Go-Round purchased within the last year or so, jammed fully wound up. Since it was the table was glued to the spring wind up mechanism, there was no recovery from the jam. My original Micro-G0-round lasted a number of years. What killed that one, was the failure of the little spring that elevates an empty turn table, so the teeth on the rim of the turn table engage with the pins in the bottom part. Eventually the spring that turns the table. also failed.

    We’re sorry for the difficulty with your Micro-Go-Round. Please contact our Customer Experience Team directly at for assistance.

    I wish they still made the micro-go-round that had an on/off switch and not the one that uses the weight of the food being cooked or heated.

    I had to return your product, it arrived defective! I have been using your micro go rounds for over 20 years, and I know better than to over wind it. They do wear out, this is my 3rd or 4th and I have been happy with them. This one, I carefully wound and it would not operate properly for more than a few seconds. Again, I know how to carefully wind it and I did not over wind the new one! I returned it, hopefully for a replacement one with a stronger mainspring.

    I purchased a micro-go-round plus
    Last summer for my camper microwave it worked fine for 3 months. This spring it would not work at all . I would think a 75 dollar product would last longer than that! Very disappointed!!!!!

    Hi James,

    Please contact our Customer Experience team at for warranty.

    The microwave carousel function had gone out. This was the ticket. Works great! Cuts “down” on cooking times, creates an evenly cooked item, etc., etc.
    Much cheaper than buying a new microwave since it still works fine otherwise.
    Thank you.

    Saved me from replacing an expensive built in microwave when my turntable stopped and couldn’t be repaired,

    Using Micro Go Round in pottery studio as an asset to drying thrown clay pottery. Over a hundred students at some time or another use one for there clay production. Wonder how long Nordic Ware will make them though. Great personal customer service at all levels. Thanks

    Since I live in an apartment with an older built in microwave without the auto turner this product is a lifesaver! Was thrilled when a new defective product was replaced at no charge. Hopefully this one will outlive it’s warranty as the previous one did!

    I requested this for a christmas gift so I have had it for 4 months. For the last month, it will not stop rotating. I have to wind it every time I use it. If I manually lift up on the turntable and hold it for a few seconds, sometimes it will lock but usually when I let go, it starts rotating again. Very frustrating.

    I bought our first one in Sept. 2005, and it lasted until Dec. 2015 (actually, we ended up burning something on it, so replaced it because the burned plastic stunk up the house with each subsequent use. The one we bought in Dec. 2015 lasted until March 2018. It first would never stop unwinding, then it simply decided to not unwind, even with weight on it.
    We bought the most recent one in March 2018. Now, it will not rotate even though fully wound and with weight. We can manually make it unwind, but it will not do it on its own. And the whole idea is for it to be in the microwave with food on it, not in my hands making it work. So, while I cam going to try to see if they will honor the warranty, I will never willingly buy another one of these. By the way, I bought all three of mine through Amazon. I will be posting a copy of this review on Amazon as well.
    I indicated that the product is well made, simply because it feels substantial, and a long a you wind it up per instructions, the gear teeth don’t break. It is durable for the weight of the food. It just quits working.
    (By the way, I don’t know what kind of ability the question above, before I can post this review, is referring to. I’m experienced at winding it up and putting it in the microwave, but I’m just an average cook.)

    We were given this product in the 1980’s and have used it for decades. The mechanism begain the become erratic and I was forunate to find the manuacturer on the Internet. I have replaced the original unit with a new one and look forward to several years of service.

    Purchased my third micro go round in the last 10 years. Love the product but life of the product seems a little short

    I’ve been using mine for over 35 years and it still functions. I’ve had to replace the small tabs a couple times that hold that top and bottom together but that’s all that has been required to keep it working for all these years. I was looking on your web site to see if they are still available when I’m ready to replace. If the quality is the same as it was over 30 years ago, I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone!!

    If only the driving gear could be made of metal then I bet the turntable would work forever. Alas, the plastic eventually fails but the warranty provides a replacement turntable.

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