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Healthy Baking


Cheers to 2015! It’s the beginning of a new year and with that comes new beginnings, fresh starts and many resolutions. One resolution topic we are all familiar with is health. And in regards to health, the number one resolution made by all is to simply eat healthier. With that comes giving up a lot of the foods we love, including dessert. But, why would anyone give up dessert? That sounds crazy. A little bit of indulgence can be beneficial to your health and can actually HELP you on your health journey. The trick to keeping your sanity, sweet tooth and waistline in check this year is…baking substitutions. And of course portion control, but who’s counting. Almost any dessert recipe can be revamped by substituting nutrient dense ingredients for the “not so good for you stuff”.

After over indulging during the holidays (we are all guilty of this) now is the best time to hit the reset button and start making little changes in the food we eat. Without feeling deprived of everything good in the world, why not bake healthier treats that we can feel good about eating and serving. Many staple ingredients in dessert recipes have little to no nutritional value. Luckily, there are SO many options to use in place of them. Here is a great list of simple baking substitutions to use in recipes. This blog does a great job at explaining the best ways to use each substitution.

Nothing in this world can put a bigger smile on my face than a warm, gooey, buttery fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookie, besides maybe a puppy. In my opinion, a chocolate chip cookie is one of the most underrated American desserts of all time. The chocolate chip cookie is a staple dessert that is simple and easy to make. I have yet to come across someone that doesn’t enjoy a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. Using the healthy baking substitutions I mentioned above, I am going to try and recreate my chocolate chip cookie recipe to make it healthier. I will be experimenting with various ingredient substitutions in my recipe until I think the cookie tastes just as good if not better than the original. Towards the end of January I will share my tips and tricks as well as the end results, stay tuned Nordic Ware followers!