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Family and Traditions – Finding Fresh Flavors in Frozen Fruit

As most of the country experiences frigid temps this time of year, I go to my freezer to pull out the fresh tastes of summer.  Sometimes there is nothing better than the simple flavor of strawberry jam spread on a piece of toast to warm the heart and bring back fond memories.


Throughout my childhood my grandma was a consistent presence.   Growing up on a second generation family farm it created a lot of opportunity to establish family traditions and appreciate the flavors of what the land could offer in the food you make.

One of my fondest memories with my grandma was when I was a young girl and we would go strawberry picking.  Every year we would take a short drive to the strawberry fields in order to find the best berries to make homemade jam, jelly, and sauce. 

Even though it seemed like the hottest days of the year and a chore to go up and down the rows, I believe that is where my grandma instilled in me the value of family and the meaning of hard work.

Now, as I am raising a family of my own, I am passing on those same traditions to my children.  

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My grandma, now almost 100 years old still has the ability to make her signature jams and sauces, this time from the berries that we hand pick for her.

Family is the foundation of Nordic Ware and traditions can be found in many different ways.   We would love to hear some of your family traditions!