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Meet the Makers: Bill


Meet Bill


Q: How long have you worked at Nordic Ware: 38 years!

Q: Your department/job: Coatings Department Manager

Q: Favorite thing about Nordic Ware or about your job in general?  The employees that work here or have worked here. I have made many close friends throughout my 38 years.

Q: Favorite Nordic Ware product we make (or made)? Of course the baking sheets.

Q: All-time favorite Bundt shape? The Octopus Bundt….wish I had one.

Q: Proudest or most memorable moment during your time at Nordic Ware? I have a million memories that have accumulated throughout the years both good and bad…but that’s what life is all about.

Q: First job/position at Nordic Ware? Back of the oven Inspector for the Ferro (porcelain coating oven)

Q: Your interests/hobbies outside of work? Gardening, writing, music, reading, family and friends.

Q: Do you have any secret talents or super powers? I have a ton but they are all a secret…LOL

Q: Are you famous amongst your family or friends for any particular recipe that you make? If so, what is it? My chicken wings!