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Meet the Makers: Madalyn

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Meet Madalyn


Q: How long have you worked at Nordic Ware:   18 years

Q: Your department/job:  Quality Manager, quality assurance department

Q: Favorite thing about Nordic Ware or about your job in general? Finding ways to make even better products.

Q: Favorite Nordic Ware product we make (or made)?  Microwave Spatter Cover

Q: All-time favorite Bundt shape?  The Castle Bundt

Q:  Proudest or most memorable moment during your time at Nordic Ware?  So many, but they all revolve around helping co-workers grow and move to different job responsibilities.

Q: First job/position at Nordic Ware?  Quality Inspector

Q:  Your interests/hobbies outside of work?   Cosplay and costuming

Q: Comments on working in American Manufacturing?   I understand the financial reasons for companies moving manufacturing off shore.  But that is the easy way out.  Nordic Ware has taken a thoughtful approach to this problem.  We look for better ways to manufacture.  It is not always easy, but it encourages the employees to grow and as a result so does the company.

Description: Madalyn with a mold