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Meet the Makers: Minh


Meet Minh


How long have you worked at Nordic Ware:  12 years

Your department/job:  Packing Dept. Manager, 1st shift

Favorite thing about Nordic Ware or about your job in general? I enjoy the diversity of our workforce and learning more about the different cultures and histories

All-time favorite Bundt shape?  The Original Bundt

Proudest or most memorable moment during your time at Nordic Ware?  A presentation I gave to the leadership team on converting to touch screen monitors instead of using paper (Go Paperless) for displaying packing instructions in our department.

Your interests/hobbies outside of work?  Playing Volleyball

Do you have any secret talents or super powers?   Karaoke!

On working in American Manufacturing: “Made in America” means O.P.P.O.R.T.U.N.I.T.I.E.S. for generations to come. As my elders are constantly reminding me, it’s not all about the dollars and the cents, but it’s about the enjoyment and the goods that you bring to the people.   Nordic Ware has been giving me that opportunity and it’s 12 years in the making…