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The Perfect Combination: Cook Several Foods at Once with our Divided Cookware Collection

Winter is all about hunkering down and comfort foods. But sometimes thinking about making those comfort foods – and all the dishes to be done afterwards – is a deterrent. Do you really want to take out a fry pan and a stock pot? Do you need to use a sheet pan and a sauté?

Well, that’s where the 2-in-1 Divided Sauce Pan and 3-in-1 Divded Saute Pan come in. These pans have the ability to cook or re-heat two -three different foods at once, making it easier to treat yourself to a complete meal without having to dirty every single pan in the cabinet. It also gives the ability to create different versions of the same dish, ensuring everyone at the table gets the right amount of sauce and spice they wish. Want to reheat leftovers? Have a picky eater at home? Have an allergy? These pans solve that problem in the turn of an oven knob.

Cooked food in 2-in-1 divided sauce pan and 3-in-1 divided saute pan, collection image

Unsure what to make in the 2-in-1 Divided Sauce Pan? Here are some ideas that will make any meal feel a bit more luxurious.

Grilled Cheese + Tomato Soup: A classic food combination, especially for winter, is grilled cheese and tomato soup. With the divided pan, you can have both in only a few minutes! Pour your soup in and let it begin to simmer, while the opposite side pre-heats. Drop in your grilled cheese (classic or gourmet style!) and let it toast until perfection.

Pasta + Sauce: Whether you’re making sauce from scratch or dropping in your favorite jar for a quick meal (we are not judging!), the thought of whipping out a bunch of pans to make pasta and sauce can be daunting. Well, here you have the ability to make both at a portion size that works for you. Use one side to simmer your sauce and then bring your salted water to a boil on the other. Drop in your pasta and cook until al dente! Use a slotted spoon to move your pasta into the sauce (a little pasta water to thicken the sauce, too!) and you have lunch or dinner in no time.

Curry + Rice: Reheat your favorite curry takeout along with that delicious rice on the side. The deeper sides of the 2-in-1 pan are perfect for those saucy dishes with lots of veggies/meat!

While these dynamic food duos are great, maybe more variations are needed. The 3-in-1 Divided Saute Pan is perfect for even more fun food combinations!

Bacon + Eggs + Hashbrowns: This breakfast combination is one that truly makes the start of the day pretty special. But whipping out two different fry pans isn’t on the list of things “to do.” Use this pan to fry up your bacon and then when it’s getting close to its preferred doneness, drop in your eggs! Not only does this one pan make this simple, but it can also make the perfect portion, too.

Salmon + Veggies + Grain: Use your 3-in-1 Divided Pan to cook up some salmon and veggies for a quick and easy weeknight meal. Use one side to saute your veggies and another to cook your salmon. The non-stick interior makes this pan ideal to use with fish, as it releases easily. Even better, you can pop this pan in the oven (it’s oven safe up to 400°F) and roast up your meal! In less than half an hour, dinner is finished – and it’s healthy too.

Build your own Quesadilla: Let’s face it – make your own taco/fajita night is a fun and interactive way to spend time around the dinner table. But cooking up all of the add-ins to fill those tortillas and taco shells can make the kitchen into a bit of a mess. The 3-in-1 Divided Sauce Pan can cook up proteins on one side and all of those delicious onions and peppers on the other.

Check out this video for inspiration and learn more about the collection!

In the end, the best part is one pan cleanup. Yes, we all need a little more time in our days and nights. Save the time with only one pan to clean at the end of the night or after brunch so you can move onto that dessert or other tasks you need to do in the day. Make your Divided Pan the most used cookware in the kitchen!