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Oven Crisp Baking Tray



4.3 based on 6 reviews

Get ready for the ultimate bacon experience with our oven-baking bacon method! No more flipping or greasy messes - just perfectly cooked, flat bacon every time. And the best part? You can use it to make all kinds of delicious treats like jerky, dried fruits, and crispy fries!

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Made in America. With Imported Components.
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Product Details

Interior Dimensions: L: 15.6 in. W: 11.6 in. H: 1.6 in.
Material: Aluminum with carbon steel rack
Warranty: 10 Year Warranty
Weight: 2 lbs
Made In: China (rack)
California Code 109010 Information: Click here to learn more.

Use & Care

1. Preheat oven to 400° F and ensure that your oven shelf is in the center of your oven (not too high or too low).
2. Place bacon slices in a single layer directly on the rack, ensuring that slices do not overlap each other. They can be spaced very closely together.
3. For chewy bacon, bake 10-12 minutes or until desired level of cooking is achieved. Crispier bacon can take 15-17 minutes. Watch your bacon carefully to ensure it doesn’t overcook.
4. Once the bacon has reached your desired level of crispiness, remove immediately.

Product Reviews

    Great product, been using mine for several years; bacon comes out evenly crisped and the cleanup is a snap as I line mine with parchment paper.

    I use it for toasting bread in the oven, using the broiler temperature. Toast is crispy and moist and warmer inside. Also, it is easier to keep clean versus a pop up toaster, which houses lots of crumbs that NEVER come out, which is very unsanitary. I give it four stars because, I have yet to use it for other foods for vegan cooking.

    This has been used daily since I purchased it just over a week ago – not just for bacon, a great pan for all sorts. I put foil in the bottom for easier clean up, def recommend

    I bought this product because I’ve been baking our bacon for years but it was a mess and annoyance to drain the grease half way through and turn the bacon on a regular flat baking sheet. I looked for a little grill thing for my flat baking sheet and came across this product. I instantly fell in love with it that weekend for our usual Sunday bacon breakfast, it was the most delicious bacon ever, we like ours extra crispy. Cleaning it was easy too, I let it soak a bit and washed it. I’ve also have used it to bake chicken thighs on it & most recently those frozen food corn dogs, they were a big hit with the children. I highly recommend this product ????

    I just got my oven crisp for beacon. It is everything that was printed about it. I have never tasted bacon that was done, crisp and delicious. Anyone one that does not buy this product needs their head examined. I just love it !!!!!

    Possibly the best new thing i’ve bought in the last year for my kitchen. My family loves bacon but it makes such an awful mess on our gas stove top which leaves me dreading cleanup on saturday and sunday mornings after breakfast. I had never considered baking bacon til I came across this thing. And it works! Had my doubts but it bakes up a meaty pan of bacon without making a mess. We like ours on the chewy side of things so 18 min is plenty for us. Clever tool. The non-sticked rack is holding up well so far, tho we hand wash everything.

    I wanted to like this pan, really, I did. Following the instructions, baking my bacon for 17 minutes (I like my bacon just short of burnt) gave me still-chewy bacon. 25 minutes (after making sure, with a thermometer, my oven was at 400F) gave me my crispy bacon. OK, that’s not that much of a problem. The big problem was cleanup. The bottom pan would be better if it were nonstick; I thought I was going to be scrubbing it forever. The rack would actually be better if it weren’t nonstick; I’m afraid that if I scrub it well enough to remove the stuff that stuck to it, I’d scrub off the coating. I expect better from NordicWare.

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