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Flare Cookware

Introducing Flare Cookware with Fin technology! The latest technology for the kitchen, manufactured in America and the world’s first energy efficient line of high-performance cookware. Flare was the idea of a real-life rocket scientist named Dr. Thomas Povey, a professor of engineering at Oxford University in England. Not surprisingly, many of the principles that he uses when optimizing jet engines for efficiency ALSO apply to cooking on a stovetop! So yes, there is proven scientific theory behind the unique finned design of the pan. Dr. Povey originally dreamt up the idea for Flare on a mountain climbing trip in the Alps. He was struggling to boil water over a camp stove and theorized that increasing the surface area of the pan (by adding fins) might capture more heat (and he was correct…it does!) What does “Fin technology” mean and what do they look like? The verticle fins on each pan capture and absorb heart energy that normally escapes the sides of a traditional pan. This creates a “locking” on effect of the flames producing an efficient heating process. Oxford University’s lab tests have shown that Flare pans are more efficient than a regular straight-sided pan. Flare pans to heat up nearly 40% faster on a gas stove than regular pans because they more effectively absorb the stove’s heat energy rather than allowing it to dissipate into the room. Flare can be used on both electric and gas stoves, but the largest improvement in efficiency will be seen on a gas stove.Watch this short  2 minute video on the science behind Flare.


Flare is made from cast aluminum (not cast iron!) for ease of lifting and ultra-even heating, with stay-cool stainless steel handles for lifetime durability. Flare interior is an ultra-premium PFOA-free nonstick, which allows the pans to virtually rinse free. *Note, as with any nonstick cookware, Flare should not be used with metal utensils or abrasive cleaning products. We do not recommend dishwasher use with Flare, as it gradually wears down the nonstick coating over time.

Ok, what does this mean for you in the kitchen? It means several things:

  1. Your pan will heat up to cooking temperature more quickly, meaning less pre-heating of the pan.
  2. If you’re cooking a liquid or sauce, it will come up to cooking temperature more rapidly than a straight walled pan, decreasing cooking time. Soups, sauces and stews cook from the side and not just the bottom of the pan because of the finned design.
  3. Who doesn’t love saving time and using less energy?
  4. Above all else, regardless of what type of stove you’re using, you’ll notice how evenly and consistently Flare cooks your food.

Flare® Cookware debuted in the UK last year, exclusively available from a high-end retailer. It’s now available for the first time in the USA and can be purchased from as well as the Flare site on