The cake is super fun! And a HUGE hit at partys!
The recipe is a delicious dense crumb but made me wonder why toss out the 2 egg yolks? I didn’t and it was fine. Don’t use a box cake unless it’s dense like a pound cake, it is too soft to stand successfully.
It’s really important to rest the cake upside down from how you bake it. I understand now that inversion allows the cake upper side to fully mold into the bunny pan and take shape.
When baking the cake I did place a heavy pot on the top of the pan avoiding the steam hole just incase the batter swelled up too much. I stood it to cool completely overnight braced between tall bowls incase it tipped either way. I carved off a flat bottom and stood it in frosting.
I also think you need about half a recipe of thick rich butter cream frosting to hold the cake in place ( I tinted that green for a grass base, and tinted some pink to frost ears, and used white for the tail with flaked coconut trim.
Glazing the cake I used a silicone brush and placed it on a rack to drip over a pan to use all the glaze.
I’ve made it 3 times now and I learn more each time.