Very pretty cookies! I made these using Better Batter flour mix. My cookie stamp is significantly smaller, so I made 37 cookies from one recipe. I still baked them for 10 minutes and they are not over done. Half, I dipped in sugar, but the other half I left plain. I perfer the plain ones as I found the pattern to stand out more, but I’m sure that would depend on the stamp you are using. The flavour is excellent but the texture is somewhat “gluten-free”. They hold together well, are not crumbly as gluten free cookies can be, but become a bit pasty when you chew them. I will try them again with the Bette Hagman flour mix and possibly bake them longer to see if that makes a difference. To be clear, the first batch of cookies will be all eaten by the end of today and most will be consumed by the non-celiac members of the household!