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The Latest Hot Dog Trends

A childhood favorite for many, the hot dog has remained a simple classic meal, implemented in American cuisine. A popular ball park indulgence or street food must-have, the hot dog has not seem to phase out of the food trend market, even if it is a “once-in-a-while” food choice for many. Nowadays, gourmet hot dogs, bratwurst, and sausages are all the rage in the protein market, especially ideas from around the world. The New York Time’s bestselling journal of food and writing, Lucky Peach, has recently published a book about the best “wursts” from around the world. Combining international flavors and trends with a creative twist have developed into inspiring ideas in restaurants, food trucks, and stands around the US as well. The innovative food culture is prominent even in our own backyard, right here in the Twin Cities, where hot dogs are a major theme amongst a number of major eateries.


This innovative trend in gourmet hot dogs, bratwurst and sausages using interesting flavor combinations has inspired Nordic Ware to explore a new interesting product idea and join this inclination. We created the new Hot Dog Steamer, which is versatile and easily usable, part of our Microwave Collection. The design and shape was carefully mastered to steam not only pre-cooked hot dogs, but an assortment of other meats including pre-cooked brats, sausages, and veggie sausages in different liquids in the microwave.  In just seconds, you can prepare a meal for the whole family by developing your own creation using an abundance of toppings.

Watch our latest how-to-video for the Hot Dog Steamer:


The main idea behind the hot dog steamer is to steam meats in different liquids to provide unique, juicy flavors for inspiring creations. The meat selection is endless depending on your preference, whether gourmet, locally made with interesting flavors or your typical store-bought selections. Meat should be pre-cooked when using the steamer. Additional cooking instructions are required if using raw meat. Here are a few ideas to mix and match!


As summer is almost upon us, hot dog consumption will steadily increase and pop up in the food market and arenas. Be on the lookout for those crazy combinations that are being offered today and craft your own unique idea at home using Nordic Ware’s Hot Dog Steamer. The options are endless and so are the toppings! Be creative and check out these sources for your next hot dog, brat, or sausage creation: