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Celebrate The Queen Of Your Family With A Tea Party!

Nordic Ware
May 2, 2022

There are flowers, chocolates, coffee mugs and even spa days. But, this Mother’s Day, why not stray from the normal gift-giving routine and create an experience that mom will love? A beautiful tea party, complete with savory scones and sweet cake, will make mom feel loved and appreciated (as long as you clean up the […]

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End-of-Summer Homemade Pesto

Jennifer D.
September 20, 2016

The days are getting shorter, and the evening air now has a distinct chill to it that can only mean one thing: Fall is here! It’s fun to think about cooking with autumn harvest ingredients such as pumpkin, squash, and apple, but I’m not quite ready to let go of summer just yet. Walking through […]

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In Search of Wild Blueberries

Jennifer D.
September 10, 2015

Summertime is perhaps the sweetest season of all to those of us who live in “the north”. We endure 6 to 7 months of the year with snow on the ground, temperatures than can reach -25°F with windchills nearing -40°F on the darkest of winter nights. Spring and fall are short in Minnesota. Oh, but […]

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Summer Berry Love

July 8, 2014

We just finished the last of the season’s strawberry crop from the Nordic Ware community garden.  Eating a fresh home grown strawberry just picked and still warm from the sun reminds me that’s what a strawberry is meant to taste like. Grocery stores offers gigantic, perfectly shaped strawberries that are beautiful to look at but […]

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Gardening Season has started at Nordic Ware

Julie F.
May 23, 2014

Everyone is just beginning to emerge here in Minnesota from what has been a very rough winter for people and plants alike.  But the time has finally come where we are ready to open the gates to our Community Gardens and start planting the seeds to another successful harvest. This year marks the fourth season […]

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