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Gardening Season has started at Nordic Ware

Everyone is just beginning to emerge here in Minnesota from what has been a very rough winter for people and plants alike.  But the time has finally come where we are ready to open the gates to our Community Gardens and start planting the seeds to another successful harvest.


This year marks the fourth season to Nordic Ware’s Community Gardens.  What began as a simple idea to encourage people to eat more vegetables and get outdoors into the sunshine during the workday has grown into a much larger opportunity: A chance to give back to the community around us.  Over the past few years urban farming and “buy local!” trends have continued to flourish.


So when I found out that Nordic Ware has their own Community Garden I jumped at the opportunity of having my very own plot.  As a farm girl I am excited to be able to be part of something where I can plant and harvest fruits and vegetables along with my co-workers.


Each one of us has unique talents and dabble in many different kinds of varieties of fruits and vegetables, so it will be exciting to taste each others crops along the way. We are also lucky to have a Master Gardener available on site who can help answer any questions that we might have.


To help kick off our planting day, we also had special visitors.


I can’t wait to update you more throughout the summer on how our gardens are growing! Please feel free to share any garden secrets you have and maybe we will try them out and let you know how they turn out.

To learn more check out our Community Gardens page  visit