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Explore New Baking Ideas this New Year

Happy New Year and welcome 2017! Another year for new beginnings, creations, and making new memories has begun. It is a time when people look back and want to generate new goals for the New Year. In many cases, this revolves around food and nutrition, wanting to make healthier food choices to maintain a strong lifestyle and break unhealthy habits. Striving to make those healthy changes can always be a challenge and cooking plays a major role, something we focus on here at Nordic Ware! We want to inspire healthy cooking and baking practices using our products in the best way that fits into your lifestyle and be a part of those memorable experiences in your kitchen in creating homemade meals.

With making these healthier decisions, every small change counts leading up to your goals. Making small adjustments may be all it takes, and that is especially true when talking about sweets. Cutting out desserts completely may not be the most effective route for many, but making small substitutions to add more nutrients and healthy components to delicious baked goods is a good start! Now, you may be asking “Healthy Bundt cakes? What is that?” We are all about our sweets using our bakeware and love sharing and promoting rich and decadent Bundt cake recipes and other delicious desserts.  But we also encourage experimentation and love seeing new, unique recipes that are health driven using different ingredients. There are always ways you can make your recipes a tad healthier with some simple baking substitutions that can enhance flavor combinations and even add hidden nutritious benefits while tasting delicious. Here is a compilation of a few substitutions to explore with your dessert recipes as well as encourage experimentation. Even one substitution will make a difference and you never know what you may discover! Happy cooking and baking this year!



  •  1:1 Substitution ratio
  • Adds moisture and enhances flavor to baked goods
  • Coconut oil contains healthy fats
  • Best uses: Most recipes that use butter



  • 1:1 Substitution ratio- Use pureed bananas for butter substitution
  • Bananas add potassium and other nutrients to your baked goods, while decreasing calories
  • Natural sugar content can enhance the sweetness and flavor of your recipes
  • Best uses: Cakes, sweet breads, cookies, brownies


  • 1:1 Substitution ratio- mashed avocados for butter
  • Avocados are a great fat substitution for butter in baked goods that add the right texture, creaminess, and moisture
  • Adds healthy omega fats, vitamins, nutrients, and lower in calories
  • Best uses: brownies, chocolate cookies


  • 1:1 Substitution ratio- use unsweetened applesauce unless you want to add more sweetness to your recipe
  • Add fiber and nutrients from the natural applesauce to your baked goods
  • Enhances flavor and adds moisture
  • Best uses: sweet breads, muffins


  • 1/3-1/2: 1 Substitution ratio (i.e 1/3-1/2 cup honey for 1 cup white sugar)- honey is more concentrated and sweeter than granulated sugar, therefore you will need less.
  • Reduce liquid amount in recipe if using honey due to increased moisture content (ie. 1 cup of honey= subtract about 1/4 cup of liquids in recipe- alter amounts from there)
  • Honey is a natural sweetener with added vitmamins and nutrients as compared to processed sugar
  • Raw honey has added health benefits especially in medicine
  • Best uses: cakes, cookies, muffins


  • Replace 1/2 AP flour with Whole Wheat flour (thicker consistency can alter product if completely substituted)
  • Whole wheat flour is less processed than AP, therefore retains the healthy whole grains containing more nutrients and fiber
  • May alter the texture and color of baked goods (adjust liquids accordingly)
  • Best uses: Any baking recipe


  • 1:1 Substitution ratio
  • A great way to add a liquid with the same creamy texture with added benefits and lactose free options
  • Almond and other nut milks add healthy omega fats, protein, and nutty flavors to your baked goods
  • Soy milk is a great vegan protein source to add
  • Coconut milk adds a unique flavor combination as well as richness/ creaminess
  • Best uses: cakes, scones, muffins, pancakes