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Adventures in the American Kitchen

Whether you’re a seasoned baking expert whose knowledge could fill a book, an aspiring culinary novice hungry to learn more, or just plain curious and want behind-the-scenes info on our great American-made products, you’re in the right spot. In our blog, you will find a variety of voices from across our company, as well as outside experts. We all write with the same goal in mind: To share with you our observations, experiences and recommendations in the kitchen so that you can be well-informed and achieve outstanding results no matter what you’re preparing.

Posted:   05|06|2015   By:   Nordic Ware

With Mother's Day right around the corner, there is no better time than now to reminice about moments in the kitchen with Mom. Our special guest blogger, Sydney (age 11),  loves baking with her Mom and spending time in the kitchen making memories. It is a great way to spend quality time with her family making delicious treats for all to enjoy.

Baking With My Mom!

One of my favorite thing to do is bake with my mom! My favorite thing about my Mom working at Nordic Ware is that she brings home awesome baking supplies! I can recall many times spent…

Posted:   04|24|2015   By:   Nordic Ware

Do you have a favorite family recipe that’s been passed down by generations, a staple dessert that you know your Mom always makes for you, or a simple memory of a time baking chocolate chip cookies with her growing up? We want to hear all about it! In celebration of Mother’s Day this year, we are hosting an Instagram Contest for you to share a photo of your favorite recipe from your Mom. Enter for your chance to win a $50 Nordic Ware gift card!

To enter the…

Posted:   04|02|2015   By:   Kathy G

If you were a fan of Seinfeld you will never forget one of the classic episodes called The Dinner Party but if you’re like me you still refer to it as the Chocolate Babka story. It all happens around a trip to Schnitzer’s Bakery to pick up dessert for a dinner party which ultimately is decided will be the glorious Chocolate Babka. The line at the bakery is long, no one’s picked a ticket and the last Chocolate Babka is sold to a couple attending the very same dinner party before Jerry and Elaine can claim it.  Madness ensues. It…

Posted:   03|16|2015   By:   Julie F

Do you have your own cooking or baking blog? Do you love to share beautiful photos, great recipes, success stories, or fav kitchenware products with your followers?  If so, we would love to hear from you! Nordic Ware is in the process of updating the list of key bloggers and Instagrammers that we partner with for product demos, giveaways, contests and other sweet things. If this sounds exciting to you, please fill out a short questionnaire (link below!) and tell us a little bit more about yourself. 

Posted:   02|09|2015   By:   Kaycie T

Throwing together a batch of chocolate chip cookies is second nature to me. However, whipping up a batch of “healthy” chocolate chip cookies seems to require a bachelor’s degree in culinary science. Unfortunately, that is not what I went to school for. Luckily I do spend majority of my free time in the kitchen baking. I happen to know a thing or two about healthy cakes and other various desserts but healthy cookies are not my specialty. Meaning I threw out more pans of awful tasting cookies than I kept during this process. I spent hours looking at recipes online for…

Posted:   02|02|2015   By:   LoAnn

For some quick drama at the dinner table, you can’t beat popovers.  When these puffy, golden, odd-shaped orbs emerge from the oven you look like a genius in the kitchen! And they’re really very easy to make, once you have the right recipe, the right technique and the right pan from Nordic Ware.

When I first began making popovers, I did some research (I confess, sometimes that’s as much fun for me as the baking). I discovered that most recipes are very similar. After all, there are…

Posted:   01|09|2015   By:   Nordic Ware

Cheers to 2015! It’s the beginning of a new year and with that comes new beginnings, fresh starts and many resolutions. One resolution topic we are all familiar with is health. And in regards to health, the number one resolution made by all is to simply eat healthier. With that comes giving up a lot of the foods we love, including dessert. But, why would anyone give up dessert? That sounds crazy. A little bit of indulgence can be beneficial to your health and can actually HELP you on your health journey. The trick to keeping your sanity, sweet tooth…

Posted:   12|23|2014   By:   Mike Q

As you celebrate this Holiday Season and New Year, you may find yourself going out for dinner at a restaurant that is a little more upscale than you typically frequent.

The moment you enter the establishment, you are confronted with many new, unfamiliar sights and sounds. As you open the menu, you are presented with complicated, foreign-sounding descriptions.  It's not surprising. As you move up the restaurant food chain, the sophistication increases along with the costs. After all, which would you pay more for; a croque-monsieur with pommes de terre frites or a grilled ham & cheese sandwich with fries?…

Posted:   12|13|2014   By:   Kaycie T

There is something about the cold wintery months that makes me want to spend hours in the kitchen baking. For some reason the colder weather also makes me want to devour breakfast food. This past week I went a little outside my breakfast food comfort zone. I tried baking donuts. Yes, BAKING donuts. I received a donut pan for my birthday last June, thoughtful gift (Yay Nordicware!) but honestly I’m not a huge donut fan. With the holidays approaching, the weather only getting colder and my tummy grumbling for anything breakfast related, I figured it was time to break…

Posted:   11|07|2014   By:   Julie F


This special day comes around each year on November 15th.  It was originally proclaimed by the Governor of Minnesota in honor of Nordic Ware’s 60th anniversary, making 2014 the ninth annual Minnesota Bundt Day, while coinciding with National Bundt Day! It is the perfect time of year since most families are pulling out recipes, preheating the oven and baking more than ever!  In Celebration of National Bundt Day this year, we are hosting an Instagram Contest for everyone to share…

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