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Double Backsplash Griddle



4.4 based on 17 reviews

The Double Backsplash Griddle is an exceptional performer due to its innovative design features and incredible versatility. With its durable cast aluminum cookware construction and generously sized nonstick cookware coating, you can release foods and clean up effortlessly. This stovetop griddle pan has a specific design tailored for crafting pancakes and other breakfast favorites, while it also finds application in cooking burgers and a variety of other dishes.

The thoughtfully sloped surface ensures that grease and liquid drain away from your food towards a convenient collection well at the front of the griddle. To ensure a mess-free cooking experience, the sides also serve a secondary purpose by providing a barrier for slippery foods, allowing you to flip your food without any hassle. Whether you're using it on gas, electric, glass stovetops, or an outdoor grill, this Double Backsplash Griddle is a reliable choice. Most importantly, it proudly originates from the USA.

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Product Details

Interior Dimensions: L: 11.4 in. W: 18.6 in. H: 1.2 in.
Material: Cast Aluminum
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
Weight: 4 lbs
California Code 109010 Information: Click here to learn more.

Use & Care

1. Before first use and after each subsequent use, hand wash pan thoroughly.
2. Dishwasher use is not recommended, as it may shorten the life of the nonstick coating.
3. Use moderate heat to obtain the most effective cooking properties and prevent damage to the pan and stove. Glasstop stoves are especially susceptible to damage from an overheated pan.
4. Always use adequate ventilation when cooking.
5. While not necessary, cooking with butter or oil will improve cooking performance and taste of food.
6. Do not use metal scouring pads, abrasive cleaners or sharp cooking utensils; they will scratch the nonstick.

Product Reviews

    Does not work well on glass stove top, scratches the glass. However, it does work well on BBQ grill.

    Good customer service. Like to use the griddle on our grill.

    It works beautifully. Large enough to cover two burners, I have a glass top stove. It preheats perfectly, given enough time at the recommended heat level. Do not try to rush the preheating by heating on scorch, read the use instructions. Pancakes were golden brown and excellent.

    First time I used this griddle I made French toast. It worked great.
    Second time I used it to grill fajitas. In the middle of grilling the whole griddle suddenly warped and was no longer flat. I tried to finish the beef I was grilling and it popped & warped two more times.

    I don’t know if this particular seriously flawed one was a fluke or design/manufacturing flaw – but it’s completely unusable.

    We’re sorry to hear of the difficulty with your Double Backsplash Griddle. Please contact our Customer Experience Team at for further assistance.

    This is my 2nd purchase of the grill. Excellent product. I ruined my 1st grill by over heating on a bbq. Be mindful of high heat.

    Ideal for making larger pancakes/ batches for bigger families & gatherings. Backsplash makes it easy to slide spatula fully before turning. Works well for multiple grilled cheese sandwiches & French toast too!

    This is a great griddle! It heats evenly and cooks well. I couldn’t be happier!

    Sturdy, easy to clean, heats quickly. Great product! Have used it almost daily since we got it.

    Just great for pancakes…no cooking spray needed and very easy to clean… this griddle!

    It’s lighter and easier to store and clean vs. all electric griddles I’ve owned. I’m hoping the non-stick surface lasts long; time will tell and my rating will bump up to 5/5 if it does. I notice that the grease well will just barely hold all the fat released from a single package of bacon.

    Warranty excellent excellent product good quality

    Really like the backsplash griddle by Nordicware. Originally got it for making fajitas on a Trager grill but soon found it works great for all kinds of cooking needs… hamburgers, hotdogs, steaks, etc. Great for doing a reduction on an outdoor grill, sauteed, etc. Consider it part of your essential outdoor cooking gear!

    I bought this griddle to use on my gas grill to make extra cheesy cheeseburgers (the cheese melts all around and forms a crusty skirt-delish) and to make pizza. Even distribution of heat makes for a crispy pizza crust. Can’t wait to use it again. Highly recommend this product.

    i have just purchased a double backsplash griddle for use on the gas range at my cabin. I have used the single griddle on my electric range for years and love it. No greasing necessary and it heats up evenly (although, on electric, it takes a bit of time). i use a non-scratch spatula to avoid scratches.

    Got one for Christmas. Was concerned how it would work on glass top stove.
    Using it every day.
    Love it. Highly recommend.

    I’ve been wanting a griddle for a long time, finally purchased a Coleman 2 burner non-stick griddle, thinking that because it was Coleman, it would be great quality. NOT! Everything stuck, no matter the temperature, and even when using on the bbq or campstove, making sure the heat was even, it would cook uneven. I got rid of it, had nothing for the past 2-3 years. Then I saw this one, and my cousin told me that she loved hers, so I purchased one. I love, love, love it! The non-stick IS non-stick, it heats and cooks evenly, and works great on our bbq, campstove and home cooktop. Plus, the cast aluminum is so much easier to care for than cast iron, and the price is great. I highly recommend it, I don’t think you’ll regret buying it.

    I have used this outstanding product for many years. Purchased at CostCo. Works great on the gas stove or on the BBQ. The Double size is big enough to feed the whole crew. Heats evenly and never warps. This product is designed and manufactured with one thing in mind – QUALITY.

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