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Original Stovetop Belgian Waffler



4.5 based on 54 reviews

Experience the timeless charm of cooking old-fashioned Belgian waffles on your stove with our classic Stovetop Belgian Waffler. You can easily impress your whole family and friends by cooking up the most delicious waffles using any favorite recipe or mixture. Our heavy-duty cast aluminum cookware ensures even heating and exquisite detail. With its interlocking hinges for quick preheating, easy cleaning with full submersion, and a slim profile design that saves space, this Stovetop Belgian Waffler is compatible with electric, gas, or ceramic stove.



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Made in America. Family Owned.
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Product Details

Interior Dimensions: L: 7.1 in. W: 7.1 in. H: 1.4 in.
Material: Cast Aluminum with phenolic handle
Warranty: 10 Year Warranty
Weight: 3.4 lbs
Made In: USA
California Code 109010 Information: Click here to learn more.

Use & Care

1. Before initial use and after subsequent uses, hand wash with warm, soapy water.
2. Interlocking hinges separate easily for cleaning.
3. Metal utensils, scouring pads and abrasive cleaners should not be used on nonstick surface. A long-bristle brush will help clean hard-to-reach areas.
4. If batter should run out of Waffler, wipe with wet sponge immediately to avoid baked-on batter.

1. Lightly brush inside of Waffler with vegetable oil, butter or baking spray.
2. Separate 2 halves of pan and preheat over medium 2 minutes each.
3. Pour 1 cup of batter in the center of Waffler and close the top. Cook for about 1 minute, then flip Waffler over and cook on the other side about 2 minutes, until golden brown.
4. Remove waffles with a plastic fork or spatula.
5. Serve with butter, syrup, berries, etc; or try with a savory cream sauce

Product Reviews

    This waffle maker lasted only two-years until it was unuseable. I followed the cooking and cleaning directions exactly with each use. Now the waffles stick to the top and bottom griddle, splitting in half when I open the griddles. I have to gently and carefully scrape out the cooked waffle from the top and bottom.

    My mom and I used to go to the Nordicware store on a regular basis when I was a teenager living in the area. I bought this waffle iron well over 40 years ago and haven’t used it for at least 30 years. I tried it today and it worked perfectly! Love the Nordicware products!

    Yum yum!

    love this waffle iron. it makes great waffles, is easy to clean and does not take up much space. perfect alternative to electric waffle irons.

    Love it. So easy to use and it doesn’t stick. It only takes a few minutes per waffle. It has been a long time since I have had waffles. I will not eat the store-bought ones because of all the additives. I can now enjoy waffles again.

    I’ve owned my old waffler for 25 years. I love this thing. I have a very small kitchen and simply have no room for an electric gadget to make waffles. The Nordic Ware Waffler will always have a space in my cupboard.

    Working with it is really fun, BUT the quality of the pan is not good ..from outside it is easily scratch and the handle is coming out.. I use baking spray but sometimes it is a little stick.

    We’re sorry to hear about the difficulty with your Belgian Waffler. Please contact our Customer Experience Team at for further assistance.

    Worked great the first time I used it but having trouble with waffles sticking ever since. Literally have to scrap them out with a plastic knife. Very disappointed.

    Hi, we are sorry to hear this! How are you prepping the pan between uses? Please reach out to our customer service team directly at Thank you.

    After its first time use, I love it. Cooked the waffles in record time unlike the electric ones. They cooked perfectly and came out of the waffle iron with absolutely no sticking. Once again, I love it.

    Haven’t eaten a waffle in about 40 years, nor have I ever made them, until now. Combined KAB recipe for Yeasted Waffles with this site’s instructions, & all was more than well. Look forward to using this often in future.

    First time I have been disappointed in Nordicware. I waited a long time for this item to come back in stock. When it arrive the handles are crooked. Unfortunately, I had promised the kids waffles and did not have the heart to tell them no. It is useable, but not the quality I am used to from Nordicware. Very disappointing

    We’re sorry to hear about your Waffler. Please contact our Customer Experience Team at for warranty.

    Makes great Belgian waffles! The key is not to use oil, especially the spray oil, and use butter after preheating. After the batter is scooped in, connect the other piece and flip it over. It takes about 3-4 minutes per side for a crisp waffle. I bought this three years ago and the price went up $50!

    We love this waffle iron! Not only is it wonderful (and makes delicious waffles) but we felt great about buying made in the USA product. Who knows what the coated foreign ones put into our bodies!

    This waffle maker is truly the best! It makes the best waffles, cleans up easily and hardly takes up any room in my pantry. Because of all of the above, we find ourselves enjoying waffles–both savory and sweet way more often than we ever did.

    I love this. It’s soooo much better than the electric versions. I love how easy it is clean. It takes up very little space in the cabinet and we can take it camping or to the cabin. High quality piece of equipment

    Recommended to friends

    Makes the best waffles. Good texture and flavour. Easy to use. Use medium high heat and cook until the steam stops. Wish I could buy it in Canada still.

    The simple clamshell design allows the two halves of the waffle iron to be separated quickly for cleaning, so much easier than an electric model. The thick, solid cast heats uniformly and makes perfect waffles. Please continue to make these in the USA ! Thanks.

    The actual waffle makes great yeast liege/sugar waffles (real Belgian waffles) and standard American waffles, both on a campfire and stovetop….but the handle broke off during normal use, broke into several pieces.

    Originally bought one of these about 40 years ago with temp sensors in each handle, but it was lost in a move (still can’t find it). So we bought another, but miss the temp sensors. Ours does not separate so it takes some practice to get both halves heated, but the waffles are excellent.

    Best waffle maker ever! Absolutely thrilled with the ease of use, perfect waffles, easy clean up and storage.

    Have previously always used electric waffle makers–but they always end up breaking or just not working anymore. We were in the market for a new Belgian waffle maker and came across this stove-top model. Thought we would take a chance and try it out. We use it on our GE LP (liquid propane) stove and LOVE it! It’s super simple and relatively quick to make waffles for the whole family! I would buy this again and would recommend it to anyone! We live in a rather remote location and have a wood-burning stove with a cook-top–I appreciate that I would also be able to use this waffle iron on our wood stove if we ever needed to. Because if the power goes out, there’s nothing better than waffles! Bottom line… Highly recommend this waffler!

    The best dollar I’ve ever spent at a garage sale was for my brand new Nordic Ware Belgium Waffler. The new bride, who sold it, had received it as a wedding gift and told me she had no idea how to use it since it was missing it’s electric cord! Not requiring electricity is what made it perfect for using on my propane gas camping stove. 25 years later it’s still making delicious waffles and working perfectly.

    We purchased this for our new Gas Stove in a much smaller home and the compact size makes storage super easy and the waffles come out perfect. Easy to clean and less of a hassle than the traditional plug in models.

    Just loving my new stove top waffle iron! The classic waffle recipe is a huge success with all the family…we are already thinking of interesting new recipes to try ……will let you know!

    For my first trial I made mash potatoe waffles and it was a great experience!

    I hope the product will stay this awesome for a long time!

    I can’t wait to try other recipes, and my folks can’t wait to taste my creations as well!

    If you love waffles or know someone who’s loves them, you or they will enjoy this. It’s getting easier to make them each time and I just freeze them so I can eat them throughout the week. If you’re hesitant b/c of the price I’d wait for a sale they’ll eventually have because this small waffle maker is so just good.

    Have used for about 50 years. Finally I am replacing my old one. Wouldn’t use anything else

    I first saw this when a professional baker mentioned it on Instagram. Waited months for it come back in stock. SO worth it. The whole family loves this thing! Absolutely perfect for King Arthur’s yeasted waffles recipe. Happy we didn’t buy an enormous electric one, as we have limited kitchen space. Definitely recommend!

    I have my Nordic Ware Belgian Waffle Iron for decades. Now that I’m on Keto, I was worried about missing out on waffles. No worries, Keto Chaffles are just the thing! Very similar to the Almond flour waffles on this site, they turn out perfectly on the stove using this Waffle Iron!! Look online for recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert Chaffles. I use this more now than ever before and after 20 plus years it’s still in perfect condition!

    I bought one of these about 18 months ago. I live in the UK and could find nothing that came close in my country. It is amazing, so much so I have just bought another for one of my daughters who too is a very keen cook. The service provided by Nordicware and delivery time were excellent.

    Looking for a US made waffle maker and this fits the bill. It works great, cleans easily and I have enjoyed experimenting with different waffle recipes. Even used it for grilled cheese sandwiches!

    Love my new waffle iron. There is a learning curve regarding heating and cooking times. Once figured out, the waffles turn out golden brown and are nice size and depth. The stick free surface makes cleanup a snap.

    Very pleased with this waffle maker. Easy to use and the waffles came out great. I used a brush to lightly oil each side and it was perfect – no crumbs whatsoever were left in the waffle maker. Easy cleanup and easy to store. Love that it’s made in the USA!

    I have had this waffle iron for more than 30 years. It makes beautiful delicious treats. I would never consider using any other. I’m so glad this is still available.

    I have had many waffle irons over the years,got this one 2 years ago and it is the best one,will never use another waffle iron again,love it.

    We got a belgium waffler as a wedding present 40 years ago. For some reason, I ended up the waffle maker. It was the one breakfast special that Daddy made, and was requested for every birthday and holiday. With our second child, we got a second waffle maker so I could make them twice as fast. Recently I made them for the first time for my grandchildren, and gave my son a lesson in how to make them so he could carry on the tradition. I also made them for my future son-in-law at Christmas time, and he expressed an interest, so I am buying one to give him as a wedding present. The waffle makers are rugged and reliable. No electronics means nothing to break. It takes a bit of practice to make sure there is enough grease that the waffles don’t stick, and to put just the right amount of batter in the waffle iron that nothing overflows, but if a non-cook like me can make perfect waffles 90% of the time, anyone can do it. It just takes practice, but even the failures taste good!

    Just received my eagerly expected delivery from the good ol US of A, great packaging and product quality looks fantastic. Will be making waffles and Bundt cakes this weekend. You should maybe think of setting up a distribution arm here in Australia.

    Nordicware stovetop Belgian waffle Iron. I hunted high and low in the UK for this and couldn’t find it so had to buy directly from Nordicware. Nigella Lawson raves about it and no wonder its simply the best waffle iron I have ever used. I am going to buy a spare for years to come ot to hand down to my kids xxx

    I received my first and only Nordicware Belgian waffle maker as a wedding present 11/1957! I have loved using it ever since. I am ordering a new one because one side of the maker is no longer heating for some reason. I will miss the heat gauges, though. The glass on the guage had cracked and that may be the reason it is no longer heating(?) I am not complaining after 60yrs of use!!
    I hope that the new waffle baker will perform as well as the old one. I have been using gas burner for heating for 40 years and it does just fine.

    Using my second waffler!!! First one was stolen–it had a temp gauge that helped in timing. BUT the hint to “watch the steam” is good for turning time. I also love that I can take it CAMPING!!!

    It is still going strong. I love that it rests in original box on it’s side taking up no storage space. I do have to use the HOT setting to get the desired crispiness. According to Joy of Cooking the more melted butter in the batter the crispier the result. I wonder what the cost of the maker was in the 70’s–surely not $78! A very generous gift indeed.

    This is the best waffle maker I have ever seen & owned. My first one was stolen and I quickly replaced it because I use it so much. LOVE THIS ITEM!!

    The best waffles are made in this waffler, because you control how crispy you like them. These waffles are so deep the center is always soft and moist. It never fails. Cleanup, just wipe off with a paper towel, stores standing against the side of the cabinet for easy access and minimal space required. You can’t go wrong with this one.

    The NordicWare waffle iron has a number of advantages over electric waffle irons, including:

    1) Heats up faster;
    2) Cooks waffles faster;
    3) Easier to clean;
    4) Takes up less storage space; and
    5) Is portable.

    As a result, you’re likely to use it more often.

    I also like it because it makes Belgian-style waffles, which have deeper wells and are crispier.

    Please note that you need a large burner to get it to heat evenly. I use mine on an infrared stovetop. I’m not sure that it would work as well on a gas, electric or induction stove.

    I don’t cook all the time and some times when I do, things are under/over cooked. But the Nodic is simple to use, cooks evenly, light weight but durable, and I look like a hero with the breakfast I make.

    Gift for my husband. He did not stop complaining about how he really wanted an electric waffle maker until the first waffle came out. Since then he has used it non stop! Love the deep grooves to hold fruit/cream, how it pulls apart for quick easy clean and how quick they cook. Follow the directions exactly – works perfectly. My husband is happy 🙂

    I love it. I am still using the one my parent had when i was a kid in the 70s. It makes the best waffles that my kids enjoy on Saturday mornings!!!!

    I purchased this waffle iron about a month ago, and have been using it a lot! I’m still not totally an expert with it but I haven’t had any waffles that were inedible! I have to get my timing perfected. I have even made gluten free waffles with it. It cleans up so easily and it stores in a small space. I brush it with olive oil and never have had a problem with batter sticking!

    I just bought one of these at a swap meet for $1 (!) Works GREAT! Excited to try out some of the different recipes on the site too.

    I used the iron aboard our boat for years. It was misplaced some time ago. Imagine my delight in finding one in friends barn while on vacation. Share past experiences and it was a gift on parting. Gracias Theodora.

    Makes perfect waffles and cleanup is a snap. Stores easily. Puts electric waffle irons to shame.

    For our banh xeo waffle at our Vietnamese brunch–high intensity, high-volume. Working out great!

    Have had good luck just following the directions. I used packaged belgian waffle for now and the flavor and crispness of waffles excellent. Easy to use and easy to clean up.

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