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Eggs 'N Muffin Breakfast Pan



4.8 based on 60 reviews

Experience the ultimate breakfast convenience with our egg sandwich maker or single-serve scrambled egg cooker! With its effortless functionality and widespread popularity, this American-made product will have you enjoying a delicious breakfast in no time!

SKU: 60510
Made in America. Family Owned.
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Product Details

Interior Dimensions: L: 4.1 in. W: 4.1 in. H: 2.4 in.
Material: BPA-free and Melamine Free Plastic
Warranty: 5 Year Warranty
Weight: 0.3 lbs
California Code 109010 Information: Click here to learn more.

Use & Care

1. Spray pan with cooking spray. Crack an egg into the base of the pan. Add mix-ins if desired and stir.
2. Cook in microwave for about 1 minute.
3. Serve on bagel or English muffin with desired toppings.

1. Before initial use and after subsequent uses, hand wash
with warm, soapy water.
2. For microwave use only.
3. Top rack dishwasher safe.

Product Reviews

    Great product. Makes for a very easy breakfast and no pan to wash. These are for gifts.

    Easy to use, a SUPER product for easy fast breakfasts.

    Love them. Makes wonderful breakfast and fast. A 5 star rate.

    I used this the first time and it turned out perfect.

    The egg and muffin pan makes the perfect breakfast sandwich! It fits a toasted hamburger bun perfectly. Add a little grated cheese and some deli ham and it’s finished in about a minute and a half!

    I love my Eggs ‘N Muffin Breakfast Pan so easy and quick
    clean up is simple

    Love my Nordicware eggnmuffin maker! So simple to use…so easy to clean. I give it 5 stars

    Let me tell you…this egg cooker has I LOVE this thing. I used to hard boil my eggs so I could have something for breakfast at work. NO MORE! I bring a carton of eggs to work and every morning I am able to have a nice little egg, and I pop it on some toast!!! 45 seconds is perfect! Take it out, sprinkle some cheese on it and close the lid to let it steam to melt the cheese. This thing is FABULOUS. I love it. I have tried several egg cookers, including an As Seen On TV one…none of them even compare. Honestly, everyone should have one of these things. Bring it everywhere. Keep it in your purse/work bag. BUY IT.

    Great Product!

    We use these every morning for our breakfast eggs and love the way they are so easy to make egg sandwiches in the microwave. Easy cleanup too!

    Convenient.. no stove, portable, small, all you need is a microwave and an egg! This is the best

    This is by far the cleverest and most useful item in my kitchen.
    I have 2 of them and could not imagine making breakfast sandwiches without them. Great Idea! Plus they’re made in the USA

    This product works perfect, 1 egg in about 25 seconds. I use butter inside cavity, keeps from sticking and gives great flavor.

    Love this for my liquid egg whites. Cook, eat, easy to clean.

    I spray a little Pam in the bottom just in case…cook for 30 second…turns out perfect every time! Have used this little cooker for years and never have had any issues…fits pergect on sandwhich rounds, and sometimes I just put the egg on a piece of toast…going to buy for family members now.

    This pan produces a perfect scrambled egg ready for an English muffin. I heat a sausage patty for 15 seconds and then put that in the middle of the egg that is beaten right in this pan. I then press 1 on the microwave and a minute later, yum!

    Makes the best egg mcmuffin

    Had one like it and needed another one to make extra eggs at one time.

    my wife uses this almost daily and wants another to put in our RV.

    This product has been a delight! When I am making a single egg for myself, there is no easier way than to crack the egg into the bottom of my Nordic Ware Eggs ‘N Muffin Breakfast Pan, whisk the egg – adding herbs/spices if desired – and toss it in the microwave for 1 minute. When the microwave dings, I lift the lid and throw in a slice (or a few shreds) of cheese, then close the lid for another 30 seconds or so and let the steam perfectly melt the cheese. It’s ready to eat, or put on a bagel or muffin, and I can get on with my day, no fuss, no muss! I highly recommend this product to anyone that might eat a single egg at a time.

    quick, easy to use, easy to clean, love it

    quick, easy to use, easy to clean, love it

    makes a delicious egg.

    makes a delicious egg.

    Okay, so I love eggs in the morning but I’m so lazy and don’t want to cook them on the stove…. This has solved all my problems. I just sick it in the microwave at half power and within 3 minutes I have delicious eggs! I am obsessed with this!!! Such a great buy!!!

    In fact, I rarely cook eggs in mine. I have three and use them to reheat chopped or sliced cooked meats, gravies and sauces and to cook carrots, reheat frozen peas and other frozen veggies. The number of ways in which I use my 3 little breakfast pans almost never has anything to do with breakfast. I’m a senior living alone and they are without question the most important cooking item in my kitchen. The small size, little grooved tab and the lid means I can easily lift hot items from the microwave. I frequently put together almost an entire meal using no other equipment.
    I happen to have a collection of little tubs with lids that go in the freezer and hold exactly the amount that fits in your little breakfast pans. You could consider selling such things to go with the breakfast pans for other seniors to lighten up their lives!

    Recently purchased. What a pleasant surprise. The perfect egg cooker – fluffy and cooked to perfection. I highly recommend this product for a quick and easy egg muffin breakfast .

    I received one as a gift and have given the information out to many people as well as given it as a gift. It is always a hit!

    Found this item at a thrift sale years ago and I am happy to say that it was a purchase that I will never regret. I use liquid egg beaters, cause I am always counting calories. Spray this w/Pam, add 1/4 cup of Egg beaters and some McCormicks Breakfast seasoning, one minute in the microwave and it is finished before I even have my coffee ready. Toasted english muffin, or my favorite Hawiian slider bun, precooked sausage patty and and this egg and you have a perfect, customized Breakfast sandwich. Cannot beat it…easy peasy.

    I’ve always liked those fast-food egg and English muffin things, but hated having to go out for them. This solves that problem, and makes it even better. Now, I toast half a bagel. While that’s going, I scramble a couple eggs, pour them into the Eggs’N’Muffin pan, and microwave on high for one minute. While that’s going, the bagel has popped up, and I spread a little bit of butter on it, and add a slice of whatever cheese I have that day. By then, the microwave is beeping, my egg “hockey puck” (for the shape, not the doneness – the eggs come out nice and fluffy every time) is ready to go onto the bagel half, and I have a very nice breakfast or snack. Takes less time than even getting the car out of the garage, and tastes so much better. Thanks, NordicWare!

    This, along with the microwave omelet unit, are a great time saver. Ingredients are only limited by your imagination. Just purchased an extra set for college bound granddaughters.

    I bought this item about 3 years ago. On Sundays I cook up sausage patties and freeze them. As I want breakfast, I take out the sausage, defrost it in the microwave, then take the Egg N Muffin and crack open a egg in it, I break the yoke, put the Egg N Muffin in the microwave with the thawed sausage patty on a side plate for 36 seconds … walla, I have breakfast. Very little clean up! I am now ordering one for both of my children and their families. Great for people on the go or children.

    I love this product. Own 2 of them.

    This makes making egg sandwiches so very easy. Great idea and wonderful product.

    I have been using this for over 5 years and thought its about time I sat down and told the maker and the world how really good it is at making the perfect egg for a bagel or muffin sandwich. Count me very happy and satisfided with this product.

    I’ve bee using “Egg n Muffin” for over 5 years. In 1 minute you have an “Egg McMuffin” no waiting in line or battling the weather. Fast and easy, and, more economical.

    We just love this eggs ‘n muffin pan. We’ve tried other off-market brands, but this one shines above all others when it comes to cooking the eggs just right.

    When I first received this as a gift, I thought ‘oh no, another cheap product of China.? BUT I WAS HAPPY TO SEE THIS A PRODUCT OF OUR USA!! This is the best method for me to make my favorite egg sandwhich. I will be buying MORE of your products and sharing the news to my friends so they are aware of this and other products!!

    I’m a ‘little old widow lady’ so I need small portions easily made. I freeze individual portions of dozens of foods in shallow round tubs – spaghetti sauce, baked beans, fruit compotes, meat portions in sauce, you name it – I probably freeze it – and then I use these clever Egg ‘n Muffin pans to thaw and reheat them in the microwave. The clips on one of them broke – I was probably a little rough with it – so now one half makes a useful spoon rest and the other half microwaves things that are less likely to splatter. I don’t know what I would do without them now! One of the best inventions for the kitchen for a long time – they’re tough, they wash up quickly and they work !!! Thank you Nordicware – you’ve made life easier for this little old lady.

    I have used it to make a single egg – either as a soft cooked (but…you need to break yolk or it will explode) or scrambled with bacon, etc. and it is great. No big mess with frying pan and all.

    I put the egg in the microwave for 2 minutes at power level 4 so that the egg is almost done. Set the egg aside, nuke a slice of bacon for 2 minutes. Next open the cooker, put a slice of cheese, cheddar is best, on top of the egg and the bacon on top. Put back in the microwave for 15 seconds then put the finished product on an English muffin. Note the cheese holds everything together – in the past the bacon would always slide out – no more.

    I ordered this pan not expecting a whole lot. Once it came, I tried it out – toasted a bagel, lightly buttered it, layered on a slice of cheese. Then I scrambled two eggs, poured them in the pan, closed it, and microwaved for one minute. Out (with a little prodding, but not much) the perfect-sized fluffy egg hockey puck for my bagel. I love this, and m having nice little egg-and- sandwiches (egg-and-bagel, egg-and-english-muffin, egg-and-corn-muffin-top) every other day or so. This is definitely my new favorite thing.

    I had moved a few times since I had gotten the egg muffin cooker. So it had gotten someplace that I had forgotten that I had it. So the other day I had opened the cupboard door and there it was! Then I started to remember the different kind if sandwiches I had made, but forgot how to use it. I Googled it and found the answer at Nordic Ware. Now I am just ready to make a sandwich. Thank you Nordic Ware! I’ll have to get back with you about the results.

    Have had mine for a year & love it. 7 year old Grandson stayed over night & told me I made the best breakfast sandwich ever so I ordered one for his Dad & another for another friend.

    Have used this for years and it’s still great. I am buying a second one for my son, who wants one for his house.

    My husband and I love eggs, but until this Eggs and Muffin pan came out, we were not eating them very often because they took time, work and cleanup.
    NOW, we often have eggs and muffins with meat and/or cheese several times per week. I got a 2nd
    pan so I could make two at a time….it only takes 1-1/2 minutes for two. Sometimes I will make each one with two eggs for a heartier meal.
    I LOVE my Egg and Muffin Pan….we’re eating healthier and happier!!

    This is an excellent product! It is a healthy way of preparing a breakfast sandwich. I have used Nordic products previously and you cannot beat their quality.

    I’ve been using these for years because
    they’re a healthier way to cook my breakfast.

    use this 2 or 3 times a week and works perfect every time.

    Perfect for a Breakfast and for Snacks making. . . . . . a must have if you like Sandwich. It makes a lot easyer and keeps the kitchen clean.

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this item! Originally bought this for RV camping. Results = quick, delish breakfasts that friends are jealous of!
    Now I’m using egg subst. to lessen cholesterol. To 1 egg (or equivalent), I shake in a little inst. minced onion, 1/2 teaspoon bacon bits, cut up small pieces of broccoli or spinach…and cook for 45 seconds. Voila…put this on a warmed tortilla with/without melted cheese, or a toasted english muffin with/without cheese and you’re out the door with a delish and filling breakfast on the run!

    I’ve owned mine now for two months and use it at least a couple of times per week. I have owned all manner of gadget over the years trying to make a breakfast sandwich like the big franchise with hopeless results until now. This really is a breakthrough and a triumph for the morning breakfast challenge. Thank you Nordic Ware and keep the fantastic ideas and quality coming!!!!

    I typically work 15 hour shifts, this is a great tool for either a quick meal before work, or after. Works perfectly after just a touch of tweaking to get the time right for my microwave. 100%*woukd recommend this to anyone else

    Excellent product. One egg, small amount of milk and cheese, 1 1/2 minute, and you have the perfect amount to fit on a breakfast muffin!

    My husband used this and the eggs exploded all over the microwave (despite the lid). We’ve watched the video but still aren’t sure what he did wrong. Too many eggs? The minimal instructions on the packaging don’t say how many eggs you can put in.

    Due to food allergies I have to bring most of my own food to camp. This worked like a charm & I had great food! I did oil the container each time and it helped.Hand wash!

    Awesome product

    I use my Egg n Muffin cooker every day at work. I have had many co-workers ask, what is that? When I explain and they see my finished result, they all want one and several have purchased, I LOVE my Nordicware Egg N Muffin cooker.

    Awesome, finally one that works perfectly.

    Throw away those metal rings this thing works like a charm. Perfect size for an English muffin and takes just one minute.

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