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Naturals® 1.5 Pound Loaf Pan



5 based on 16 reviews
Made of natural aluminum, this large loaf pan will accommodate a 1.5-pound bread loaf. Ideal for bread, meatloaf, pound cake, and more! This classic pan with its extra-high sides will never rust, and offers endless baking possibilities. Proudly made in the USA.
SKU: 45900
Made in America. Family Owned.
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Product Details

Interior Dimensions: L: 9.1 in. W: 5.3 in. H: 2.8 in.
Material: Aluminum
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
Weight: 0.7 lbs
California Code 109010 Information: Click here to learn more.

Use & Care

1. Before initial use and after subsequent uses, hand wash with warm, soapy water.
2. Dishwasher use is not advised, as discoloration will occur due to the cleaning agents used in automatic dishwasher detergent. This discoloration is merely cosmetic and will not affect baking properties or safety of the pan.
3. Natural aluminum pans work well with parchment paper, silicone baking mats, and also traditional butter or shortening and flour methods. When roasting savory foods such as vegetables, butter or cooking oil work well.
4. Nylon, wood, or silicone utensils are recommended. Metal utensils and scouring pads may scratch natural aluminum pans, but will not affect baking performance.
5. Aluminum is reactive to acidic ingredients such as vinegar and tomato products. These foods may darken, pit or corrode the pan after prolonged use.

Product Reviews

    I absolutely love this loaf pan. It bakes everything to perfection from banana bread to sandwich bread. I will definitely be purchasing at least one more in the future.

    I just bought this pan, my first Nordic Wear loaf aluminum pan. I am pleased the way my bread turned out for the first time the Nordic ware aluminum. The bread came out of the pan with no effort, easy cleaning afterward! I like the non-stick and the even baking temperatures. I intend to find out more about their other products, and most likely get more for my baking. This was my “first bake”, but so far I am pleased. I want to get away from non-stick products and I was thrilled to find this loaf pan. I would recommend this pan!
    My only disappointment is that I wish the oven-safe temperature ratings were on the label before buying the product. That could also help other buyers.

    Absolutely love these pans!!! I can’t say enough about how happy I am with them!!! I have tried just about every brand of loaf pan out there. Glass, Non stick Metal and Silicone, they can’t compete with, or even compare to these great made in the USA pans. Through the years I have never had my banana, pumpkin, zucchini, white bread or apple loaf (which I love to give for gifts at Christmas) turn out so professional looking! I’m am extremely happy to share how excited I am with these pans, I finally have purchased a pan that I can depend on to get the same results EVERYTIME I use it. It is so well constructed, heavy but not to heavy. Clean up is a breeze. No scrubbing, just soap and water does the trick. Looks like its never been used after cleaning. Highly recommend this aluminum loaf pan… Now, it’s time to clean out the pantry and get rid of the pans I will never use again!! Thank you Nordicware for this great product!! PLEASE keep making it in the U S A !!!!!

    I had an old Teflon lined pan from the late 1960’s that I have used forever. Finally, I thought that I deserved a new loaf pan. I had 2 glass ones, but didn’t like the results when baking with them. I have now used this new pan to bake some whole wheat bread. The bread turned out wonderfully. Thank you. The pan itself is heavy duty aluminum. It’s truly a pan to last a lifetime.

    Out of the box, these pans (I bought two) look like something you would find in a professional kitchen. They feel “high quality” in your hands, sturdy with the right weight to them. I used them to bake two loaves of blueberry bread simultaneously; my first time making blueberry bread. Both loaves turned out perfectly. The browning was beautifully consistent, the same on the bottom, sides, and top, and both loaves had the same level of browning. They looked like they came from a professional bakery. I am impressed. The pans cleaned up easily with warm soapy water – no scrubbing necessary. I seriously need more Nordic Ware in my kitchen!

    These pans are one of the very few available anywhere that are offered without a non-stick coating. This is the precise reason we buy these. They are great quality and fill our needs perfectly.

    I love baking bread but haven’t had a good set of loaf pans for quite a while. I got these and love them. They are sturdy, fit perfect in my counter top oven. Best loaf pans I’ve ever had.

    The Nordic Ware Aluminum bakeware is HANDS DOWN my favorite!

    I was given a recipe for pumpkin bread and baked it a couple of times in my pans. It just never baked very well. I chalked it up to me getting older and losing my baking abilities. THEN – I ordered 2 of these! I am in heaven! They baked up the prettiest pumpkin bread loaves! The pans baked the loaves very evenly. The pans are good heavier weight and make a good sized loaf. Will be using these pans very often.

    I received my loaf pans and immediately put them to work! The loaves of banana pecan and carrot cake are delicious, moist, and fully baked. These pans are what every baker should own. Stop buying cheaply made junk at stores! With Nordic products you have professional made bakeware at affordable prices. And they have a lifetime warranty!

    Bought these for bread only and love them. I’ve only used them a few times, but the bread has turned out great. Evenly cooked and nicely browned. Made nicely and the company stamp on bottom does not interfere with greasing pan and does not show up on bread.

    For over 20 years I have made many loaves of a certain tea bread for gifts at Christmas. It is quite a project, and this year I realized that is partly because I had such bad loaf pans – although supposedly the same size, they were different colors and weights, needing very careful batter measurements and different baking times. My life is better now that those are replaced by my new strong, uniform Nordic Ware pans. These are the loaf pan twin of the sheet pans we can’t live without.

    This is a great USA made product. Must buy if you bake breads or quick breads.

    Love the pan. This is the second one I’ve purchased. I made a double batch of banana bread and used the Nordic pan and another pan I had in the house. I couldn’t believe the difference in the bread. The Nordic pan cooked more evenly and browned better. Did a blind taste test with the family and everyone liked the bread cooked in the Nordic pan the best. Threw out my old loaf pan and purchased a second Nordic pan.

    This pan is well made.

    Great Product – Made my Banana Nut Bread and used the pan for the 1st time. Came out perfect!

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