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Silver Heritage Bundt® Pan



4.5 based on 6 reviews
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Product Details

Material: Cast Aluminum
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
Weight: 2 lbs
California Code 109010 Information: Click here to learn more.

Use & Care

1. Before initial use and after subsequent uses, hand
wash with warm, soapy water. Extended soaking is
not recommended.
2. Before each use, brush with butter or shortening and
dust with flour or cocoa to coat. Baking spray
containing flour may also be used. Do not use regular
cooking spray.
3. Mixes and recipes may vary. Fill the pan no more
than 3/4 full to avoid overflow.
4. Metal utensils, scouring pads and abrasive cleaners
should not be used on nonstick surfaces.

Product Reviews

    Just purchased this pan and baked a cake using a recipe for a Fresh Strawberry Bundt Cake. I followed the instructions regarding brushing the pan with butter and flour. Cake released so easy! I love how as I poured the glaze on top it ran down the ridges. I posted pics and friends loved and asked about where I found a pan of this shape.

    Easily released my favorite chocolate bundt cake. The cake was extra beautiful because of the pan. I also love that it is made in the USA.

    I have used this pan for simple white cakes and cinnamon swirl cakes and it always comes out stunning! Love all the oohs and aaahs I get. Never a problem with sticking (I used the video technique and it worked like a charm) This is, so far, my favorite bundt pan.

    I am a retired chef after 45 years. The Heritage Bundt Pan is the best Bundt pan I’ve baked with. It bakes a beautiful cake. Makes a wonderful show piece. Well worth the investment.

    Lovely pan.

    A cool new twist on bunt cakes. The cake came out clean and held it’s glaze very well.

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