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Buche De Noel Yule Log Pan



5 based on 10 reviews
Celebrate the season with a delightful tradition the Yule log. Signifying the warmth of the hearth during cold winter days, it makes a welcoming treat for holiday gatherings. May be used for bread, molded desserts, and savory dishes as well.
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Made in America. Family Owned.
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Product Details

Material: Cast Aluminum
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
Weight: 1.3 lbs
9 Cup
California Code 109010 Information: Click here to learn more.

Use & Care

1. Before initial use and after subsequent uses, hand wash with warm, soapy water. Extended soaking is not recommended.
2. Before each use, brush with butter or shortening and dust with flour or cocoa to coat. Baking spray containing flour may also be used. Do not use regular cooking spray.
3. Mixes and recipes may vary. Fill the pan no more than 3/4 full to avoid overflow.
4. Metal utensils, scouring pads and abrasive cleaners should not be used on nonstick surfaces.

Product Reviews

    This pan makes a flawless yule log every time! I use a chocolate cherry cake recipe (from a mix and pie filling) then decorate it with a Santa in his sleigh cake topper and various other seasonal decorations. Love this pan!

    9 cup pan makes a pretty large cake. Very well designed to separate cleanly

    I ordered this pan a few weeks before Christmas and planned to bake a surprise cake for our daughter whose birthday is December 28. She was out of the house two weeks before her birthday and was gone for 2 1/2 hours. My husband was baking his stollen, so we had to be stealthy and work around the need for the oven. The cake turned out beautifully, and I cooled it on a rack in an upstairs office. Later I froze it until the 27th. On the 28th I decorated it with artificial greens and red berries and sprinkled XXX sugar lightly over the top. I placed green striped candles on the top. What a surprise it was!!! Photos were sent to friends who bake and another daughter who lives in the south. All were amazed at the beautiful presentation. Thank you, Bundt….I have never been disappointed in your products! You make all of us bakers LOOK GOOD!

    I bought this pan 5yrs ago when I was volunteering in schools. Used it as as a tree trunk when reading about a magical tree. Changed the look of the berries with frosting and added extras from there. So about the pan… It’s wonderful! U must prepare the pan as instructed so that all the nooks and crannies are clean and visible. Beautiful cake and released from the pan easily (just follow prep instructions.) I so want to buy more pans but I’m 65+ and know that I really don’t need more bakeware. I have several other Nordic Ware pans and they are the best. And I came back to this sight because I’m getting a new pan! Guessing this is a weakness. Happy Baking!!!

    It was my first time making anything other than a boxed sheet cake, and I have to say, I am SO proud! This cake pan has started a new hobby for me. I read a bit about the importance of setting up the pan for success and used shortening, cocoa powder, and some granulated sugar for setup. For the recipe, I used a boxed gluten free chocolate cake, and on my first attempt it came out like a dream, with BEAUTIFUL details. I am in shock and keep sending pictures to all of my friends showing off my new discovered talent! Thank you so much for the ability to make a special cake that will be remembered on Christmas. You really made our 2020 Christmas memorable after such a let down of a year.

    I’ve used this three times so far. The first time I made a baking powder Swiss-roll style coffee cake and it worked really well! Looked lovely for Christmas breakfast. The second time I made a nutmeg bundt cake and outlined the design with frosting, sprinkling the holly with green sugar and placing red hots for the berries. Again, really nice. The third time, I used the marble cake recipe here to make a campfire birthday cake. I used chocolate frosting to hide the holly designs and achieved a bark look by striping it with a fork. I’m considering something along those lines for Washington’s birthday, with cherries and a cookie axe. I’m very pleased with this pan.

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pans! I’m baking a Key Lime cake in the Citrus pan right now! I wish you could smell the aroma!

    Perfect piece of bakeware

    I ordered a few cake pans and plan to order more. Great quality. The yule log cake will be a tradition of ours.

    I used this pan to make a Yule Log using the marble cake recipe. Both the pan and recipe were excellent.

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