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Bundt® Tea Cakes and Candies Pan



4.7 based on 14 reviews
The Tea Cake and Candy Mold is a wonderful way to delight guests. Create miniature tea cakes, chocolate candies or jiggling jello in the familiar shapes of our popular Bundt pans. Exquisitely detailed shapes include: elegant heart, chrysanthemum, sunflower, rose, cathedral, Bavaria, fleur de lis, star, tri star and the original Bundt. There are 30 mini Bundt shapes all together. The heat reflective exteriors allow for uniform browning so as to enhance the unique design. Nonstick cast aluminum allows for easy clean up. Proudly made in the USA by Nordic Ware.
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Made in America. Family Owned.
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Product Details

Material: Cast Aluminum
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
Weight: 2.1 lbs
Made In: USA
2.5 Cup
California Code 109010 Information: Click here to learn more.

Use & Care

1. Before initial use and after subsequent uses, hand
wash with warm, soapy water. Extended soaking is
not recommended.
2. Before each use, brush with butter or shortening and
dust with flour or cocoa to coat. Baking spray
containing flour may also be used. Do not use regular
cooking spray.
3. Mixes and recipes may vary. Fill the pan no more
than 3/4 full to avoid overflow.
4. Metal utensils, scouring pads and abrasive cleaners
should not be used on nonstick surfaces.

Product Reviews

    I used this pan to make adorable one bite cakes to celebrate my daughter’s engagement. The cakes were a simple yellow cake with a lemon glaze and adorned with rose petals. They slid out of the pan easily and looked charming! Cleaning the pan takes some effort but is worth it for the prettiness of the cakes!

    I love the pan, however it came with no recipes for tea cakes, or baking instructions. It’s been a guessing game of how high to set the oven and timer.

    Hello, for additional recipes check our recipe page or contact our Customer Experience Team at

    I haven’t used it but was required to rate it. I ordered this pan. It came with a recipe for truffles. I would really like one for cakes. I have recipes for various pound cakes but need oven temp, convection and regular ovens as well as bake times.

    Please contact our Customer Experience Team at for additional recipes for your Tea Cake and Candies Pan.

    I just followed the directions about buttering and flouring the pan, (I sometimes use cocoa instead of flour), shake out the excess, and I have NEVER had a single cakelet fail to come out perfectly. Maybe it’s because I let them cool in the pan for 10 minutes or so. I just recently ordered the “charms” pan, for bigger cakes and brownies. Thanks for a wonderful pan.

    I just got this mold. I was a bit afraid that the cakes would stick since they’re so tiny and detailed. I tried the beehive cornbread recipe from this site today and was pleasantly surprised that not one single cakelet stuck or broke when I was taking them out. These will be perfect for brunch or birthday parties.

    I have the best tea parties!! My cat eats so much cake he is fat!!

    I’ve used this min mold pan in the traditional “cakelete” sense, but I’ve also used it for special occasion butter molds. I leave butter out overnight to fully come to room temperature. Then I fold in any ingredients (chives or freshly minced garlic, for example). I then use a mini scooped spatula to fill each mold, then chill overnight to harden. I usually put it in the freezer about 2 hours before I need to plate the butter just so that it comes out more easily. My “pretty little butters” are always a hit at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners!

    I had purchased mold for chocolates but sometimes i got some stick to the molde … any suggestions /// thank you

    The molds are so sweet, small, and cute! I love the pans very much and am certain will be used for all special occasions! Many thanks.

    This pan was my first purchase from Nordic Ware, and it will definitely not be my last. I love all of the unique designs and the pan feels like it will last a lifetime. I’m in love.

    This is going to be used for small cakes for afternoon teas for Mothers’ Day and will be great for Christmas when diabetics want just a small bite and not a huge amount of sugar. It would also be able to make sausage/meat balls into an impressive appetizers.

    I like my purchases from Nordic. It was easy to order on line and the customer service staff were professional.

    This pan works beautifully! I bake for my office and instead of baking sprays I use the recipe for “magic cake pan release.” I “paint” the pan with the release and the cakelets pop out as expected. Cake pan release is the best thing to use on all Nordicware. You cannot go wrong!

    I bought this and immediately used it. I tried 2 different recipes (the one that comes with the pan and one of mines) and even though I carefully buttered the holes and the floured them taking excess off, the teacakes don’t come off. they stick to the pan like bees to honey. And it’s a pain to wash it. Don’t bother buying it. Pity because the teacakes looks so cute. I own several nordicware bundt pan and they are just brilliant. What went wrong?

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