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Meet the Makers: Kevin


Meet Kevin


How long have you worked at Nordic Ware: 17 yrs

Your department/job: Metal Fabrications Manager

Favorite thing about Nordic Ware or about your job in general? The people and ever evolving products

Favorite Nordic Ware product we make (or made)? Single Burner Back Splash Griddle

All-time favorite Bundt shape? Cathedral pan

Proudest or most memorable moment during your time at Nordic Ware? The time I drove a rented truck to the International Housewares Show in Chicago to deliver several hundred pounds of BBQ ribs. I also demonstrated our Kettle Smoker at the show.  I was recorded by a cooking network while demoing. My aunt and uncle in Iowa just happen to catch the segment on national TV.  Pretty wild!

First job/position at Nordic Ware? Packing Supervisor

Your interests/hobbies outside of work? Music – listening and playing, collecting old/vintage LP’s, guitar, yard work, boating, fishing & family time & grandkids

Do you have any secret talents or super powers? Hawkeye FANatic

Are you famous amongst your family or friends for any particular recipe that you make? Popeye eggs, BLT’s and Tater Tot hot dish

On working in American Manufacturing: As [a coworker] so adamantly said at our 2016 New Product event: ‘MERCA!!! 🙂