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The Versatility of Compact Ovenware

I am not sure about everyone else, but here in Minnesota… yes in Minnesota we have had one hot summer.  Many people tend to shy away from baking and cooking in doors but sometimes you just have to.  When this happens one of the best tools I have found that I have in my kitchen is my compact oven and my compact ovenware.  For times when you don’t want to heat up your whole house or just want to make something small the compact ovenware comes in handy.  Also I have found that the compact ovenware is perfect for so many things. Here a few of the things I use my Nordic Ware compact oven ware for. Tell us in the comments how you use yours.

  • Toast nuts. Arrange in a single layer on Nordic Ware compact oven sheet 350°F for 10-15 minutes, agitating to turn nuts every 5 minutes.
  • Make small batches of cookies, muffins, individual cakes, casseroles or pies on the Nordic Ware compact oven baking pan, muffin tins, compact casserole pan and mini pie panpicmonkey-collage
  • Cook side dishes (like stuffing) while the main oven is occupied with something bigger (the turkey).
    Roast small batches of meat: a whole roaster chicken, quartered, fits easily, as does a pork tenderloin, a few pounds of ribs, etc.
  • Re-heat left-overs especially re-crisping pizza on the compact oven ware crisping sheet or sweet potato tots.


  • Defrost frozen ingredients.
  • Bake potatoes in the Nordic Ware casserole pan.  Add a bit of rosemary for a great smelling kitchen.
  • Anything you’d use the broiler for with the added bonus of using less energy and having more control: your broiled food will be at counter-height with a see-through window.

Looking forward to hearing how everyone else uses there compact oven and compact oven ware not only in summer but all year long.