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Nordic Ware Honey Bee Update- Introducing Nordic Nectar!

BEE INSPIRED! We absolutely love honey bees and we’re inspired by how generous and amazing these little creatures are. Our Honey Bee Bakeware Collection is a favorite among many on our team.  We even added another new product to highlight our friends this year (check out our newer Honey Bee Pancake Pan and Busy Bee Bitelet Pan)!

It’s been a couple of years since the Nordic Ware bees became permanent residents at our headquarters and we wanted share the current buzz around our hive. They’ve been happily thriving in their home on the south side of our buildings, east of the Nordic Ware tower. The University of Minnesota’s Bee Lab remains involved with the care and honey production of our bees (read about how it all started here). Last year the U. of M. provided a honey analysis for us and reported our honey gets much of its color and good flavor from the sunflowers and clover that grow nearby.

[Nordic Ware Community Garden 2017]

Our colony survived the long winter and today they are busy collecting nectar and pollinating the many springtime plants that are blooming in Minnesota. The fruit trees we planted along the public bike trail a couple of years ago will surely become favorites of our bees since they are taller and full of blossoms. With all their hard work, the Nordic Ware bees have been able to share 5+ gallons of fresh honey with us each year. In 2017, we gave a name to this delicious honey, labeling it Nordic Nectar! Our team has even been involved in the bottling process, and we distribute it internally to our Nordic Ware community and visitors.

We are looking forward to another great year with our busy Bundt® Bees in 2020 and another golden batch of Nordic Nectar!