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Cranberry Bean Believer

October 3, 2014

When we moved into our house the first project we invested in that gave me joy was working on the garden. While replacing the water heater was indeed an investment I found it extremely unsatisfying. You don’t invite dinner guests to an unfinished basement with a glass of wine to chat and relax amongst the beauty […]

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Gardening Season has started at Nordic Ware

Julie F.
May 23, 2014

Everyone is just beginning to emerge here in Minnesota from what has been a very rough winter for people and plants alike.  But the time has finally come where we are ready to open the gates to our Community Gardens and start planting the seeds to another successful harvest. This year marks the fourth season […]

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Reminiscing about Rhubarb

Jennifer D.
May 12, 2014

It always makes me so happy after a long winter to see little green nubbins of rhubarb leaves poking up through the soil in my garden. My hardy little rhubarb plant can always be counted on to spring to life before any other plants or bulbs have sprouted. I’ve learned that rhubarb is one of […]

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