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12" Flat Top Reversible Round Griddle



3.5 based on 2 reviews

For the stovetop, oven, or grill, this versatile reversible griddle can be used in countless ways. Made of heavy cast aluminum for fast, even, dependable heating. Use the flat-topped side for sauting vegetables, frying eggs, cooking pancakes, and baking pizza. Preheat pan in oven to use as a pizza stone for extra crisp, lightly browned crusts. Flip to the reverse side for searing steaks, grilling burgers, and more! A perimeter well on either side captures grease and excess moisture. Durable, state-of-the-art, nonstick made without PFOA surface provides flipping and cleaning ease. This griddle does it all! Oven safe to 400°F, this pan is safe for use on gas, electric, and ceramic stovetops. Proudly made in the USA.

SKU: 19126
Made in America. Family Owned.
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Product Details

Interior Dimensions: L: 12.3 in. W: 12.3 in. H: 0.6 in.
Material: Cast Aluminum
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
Weight: 2.4 lbs
California Code 109010 Information: Click here to learn more.

Use & Care

1. Before first use and after each subsequent use, hand wash pan thoroughly.
2. Dishwasher use is not recommended, as it may shorten the life of the nonstick coating.
3. Use moderate heat to obtain the most effective cooking properties and prevent damage to the pan and stove. Glass-top stoves are especially susceptible to damage from an overheated pan.
4. Always use adequate ventilation when cooking.
5. While not necessary, cooking with butter or oil will improve cooking performance and taste of food.
6. Do not use metal scouring pads, abrasive cleaners or sharp cooking utensils; they will scratch the nonstick.

Product Reviews

    We love our family Christmas present so much we opened it upon receiving it in the mail. It cooks evenly on both sides using our electric stove. Cleans nicely. Works wonderfully on our hamburgers and pancakes. We wonder what ever took us so long to purchase one.

    We purchased this because we have the rectangular, two-burner version, but want one specifically for a single-burner. It fits the burner PERFECTLY. Used the smooth side for pancakes – OUTSTANDING!!! Flipped and used the “grill” side for meats…CANNOT GET IT CLEAN. food stuck, product discolored. Considering that the large piece, which we have had several years still looks like it just came out of the box, I do not understand this.

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