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3 Qt Dutch Oven

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Made in America. Family Owned
  • Product Details

    Cooking Surface: L: 10.75 in. W: 8.50 in. H: 6.38 in.

    Material: Cast Aluminum

    Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

    Weight: 4.70 lbs

  • Use & Care


    1. Before initial use and after subsequent uses, hand wash in warm, soapy water and dry thoroughly.

    2. Dishwasher use is not recommended, as it may shorten the life of the nonstick coating and may dull the exterior of your pan.

    3. Scouring pads and abrasive cleaners should not be used on the exterior or interior of the pan.

    4. Always allow your Pro Cast Traditions cookware to cool for 10 minutes before submersing in water. Never submerge a hot pan into cold water.

    5. For stubborn, stuck-on foods, allow cookware to cool, then soak in hot, soapy water up to an hour and use a non-abrasive sponge safe for nonstick surfaces. Extended soaking is not recommended.


    1. Use moderate heat to obtain the most effective heating properties. Excessive heat can be damaging to the pan and stovetop.

    2. Always choose a burner or element that is equal to or smaller than the bottom of your pan, never larger.

    3. Be sure to lift, rather than slide, your Pro Cast Traditions cookware across all surfaces including your cooktop. This will ensure that no damage or scuffing occurs to your stove, counters or pan.

    4. Handles are oven safe, but will become hot with extended cooking in the oven or stovetop. ALWAYS use oven mitts when handling.

    5. Metal utensils, should not be used on the exterior or interior of the pan. Wood, nylon or silicone tools are recommended.

    6. Never allow cookware to boil dry or leave an empty pan on a hot burner unattended. These will both cause damage to the pan’s physical and aesthetic properties and is generally unsafe.

    7. Oven safe to 425?F (262?C).

    8. Broiling is generally not recommended, but if necessary for food preparation, ensure that the top edge of your Pro Cast Traditions cookware is at least 5 inches from the broiler or element at the top of your oven.

    General Care:

    1. Pro Cast Traditions pans are not meant for food storage after cooking has been completed. Food storage is defined as leaving food in cooking vessel for long periods of time after food has been prepared and served. Extended food storage of more than 6 hours is not recommended and may result in damage of nonstick coating.

    2. Never place a hot cooking vessel on an unprotected surface such as your countertop.

    3. Avoid stacking Pro Cast Traditions cookware to prevent scratching. If nesting or stacking is necessary, use a soft cloth to separate the items.

    4. Metal knobs may loosen over time with use. Gently re-tighten with a screwdriver if it becomes necessary, taking care not to over tighten.

    5. While not necessary, cooking with butter or oil will improve performance and taste of food.

  • Product Reviews
    user product rating = 20/100
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    January 9, 2019

    Very disappointed

    Recommend To A Friend: No
    Product Quality: Poor
    Frequency Used: Several times per week
    Length of Ownership: 2-5 years
    Ability: Experienced

    When I ordered the 3 qt. Dutch Oven, I was thrilled to find this to be made in the USA. However, within the first couple uses, the non-stick coating began to peel off. I did everything the manufacturer recommended for use and care. I don’t know how I could have taken better care of this pan. I informed Nordic Ware and they replaced the pan. The new pan worked great even after using it dozens of times. Then I noticed a large bubble forming in the corner between the bottom and side. Finally one day while stirring a cream sauce, the coating began to peel off again. I can no longer use it because the non-stick coating peels more with each use. I loved this pan and I couldn’t be more disappointed. I bought a 6qt size at the same time, and so far so good.

    user product rating = 100/100
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    December 20, 2015

    3 Quart ProCast Traditions Dutch Oven

    Recommend To A Friend: Yes
    Product Quality: Well Made
    Frequency Used: Dozens of times
    Length of Ownership: 1 year or less
    Ability: Experienced

    I like this product for many reasons. The meat comes out moist and tender. Also the overall weight makes it easy to get in and out of the oven.Cleanup is a breeze. I like this product so much . I brought four more to share with brothers and sisters.

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Recipes Using This Product

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Recipes Using This Product

After you buy, know what to make. See All Recipes

Jeweled Wild Rice

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