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Posted:   06|27|2016  


Visitors to Nordic Ware's headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota will discover bee themed bakeware, a bee themed park & picnic area, and NOW, a real live bee hive!   The bees moved in on May 31st.   Their new home is at the south side of our buildings, west of our Community Garden and east of the Nordic Ware tower.  The bees came to us from the University of Minnesota's Bee Lab, where research is taking place to help bees make a comeback:   

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Posted:   04|08|2016  

Bees are in the news!  Search "bees" online and you'll see headlines and cover stories about the critical importance of these hardworking little pollinators.  You'll also read about the worrisome decline in honey bee and native bee numbers due to pesticides, habitat loss, disease, mites and more. Thankfully people in the know are speaking up and taking action on this vitally important topic, specifically groups like the United States Enviornmental Protection Agency, European Union, and United Nations.  Read on to see how YOU can make a difference too.   …

Posted:   02|19|2014  

posted by Susan B(ee)

Like most of you I wear many "hats" in life.  One of my hats looks like this, and it's very handy if you're a beekeeper , like I am.  

Despite subzero temps in Minnesota, the honey bees here do not hibernate, instead they stay warm by rapidly moving their flight muscles (kind of like shivering) and eating their cache of honey from last summer.  It's a little known fact that the worker bees cluster in…

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