Donuts and unicorns…oh my!

Posted:   04|21|2014   By:   Mindy G

As a creative individual, I love a good theme party! I have two daughters, and throughout the year, we often discuss with much excitement and anticipation, what the theme of their birthday party will be that year.

My husband and I let them come up with the theme…and creativity is always encouraged!  We have hosted a wide variety of birthday parties…from a science themed party with dry ice and volcanic explosions to a tea party with petit fours and antique china! We have even hosted some water themed parties…where dolphins and mermaids are free to splash around in a pool!







And in January, we hosted our first Donut Unicorn Party. Yep, you heard me right…Donuts and Unicorns…oh my!  

Who comes up with that kind of crazy theme? Well, my sweet, funny, and donut loving daughter, of course.

At 5 years old, unicorns and donuts definitely top her list of favorites!  So originating the details for this party were not only fun for me, but for her too!

We fed our little guests sugar, sugar, and more sugar. But more specifically, we gorged ourselves with unicorn and donut shaped sugar cookies, unicorn lollipops, and fruit unicorn horn kabobs.

Obviously we had lots and lots of donuts…some of which I made in our new Donut Pan…so delish!

And for the finale, a donut shaped cake with a unicorn on top! I used our Donut Cake Pan to make the cake, and let me tell you, it was a hit!

This cake made one little 5 year old very happy!

And really…what kind of theme party would this be, if we didn’t play a few games and make some crafts, right?

So, we played a little pin the horn on the unicorn, made our own unicorn horns out of birthday hats and we had to have a piñata! This tradition started when the girls were young and has become a staple at our birthday parties!

Finding a cute unicorn piñata was much more difficult than I had anticipated.

However, finding a horse piñata and making a fake horn for it worked perfectly! Shhh..don’t tell anyone!

This little lady and her buddies had a great time at her donut unicorn party…and so did we!

Now to start planning for future themed parties…maybe my next big idea should be built around one of our amazing cake pans! Jungle themed, flower powered or Castle inspired…there are a million themed ideas I think of when I think of our Nordic Ware cake pans!  What new cake pan shape would you love to see to support you next themed party? 

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Megan - 12:04, 04|21|2014

Great idea - I love the unique theme and the donut cake is adorable!

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