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Adventures in the American Kitchen

Whether you’re a seasoned baking expert whose knowledge could fill a book, an aspiring culinary novice hungry to learn more, or just plain curious and want behind-the-scenes info on our great American-made products, you’re in the right spot. In our blog, you will find a variety of voices from across our company, as well as outside experts. We all write with the same goal in mind: To share with you our observations, experiences and recommendations in the kitchen so that you can be well-informed and achieve outstanding results no matter what you’re preparing.

Posted:   05|09|2016   By:   Nordic Ware


As a company, we always strive to differentiate ourselves by bringing new and unique items to market. Our Kettle Smoker is definitely one of these items, allowing you to easily infuse meats, wild game, pizza, vegetables, fruit, and fish with a delicious smoked flavor, one of the hot menu trends listed for 2016, according to Technomic Inc.

The 365 Kettle Smoker comes with amazing features that sets it apart and can be used in any kind of household, either indoor or outdoor. It will…

Posted:   05|03|2016   By:   Nordic Ware

We have an exciting Bundt opportunity you won't want to miss! 

What if you could choose 6 new Bundt shapes you have always wanted? Enter our May Sweepstakes, "6 Months of Bundts," and we will randomly select two winners who will each have a chance to get 6 new Bundt shapes over a period of 6 months!  Dont forget to share with friends and family to increase your chances of winning (visit link for more details). 

Sweepstakes is LIVE and ends May 31st at…

Posted:   04|08|2016   By:   Susan B

Bees are in the news!  Search "bees" online and you'll see headlines and cover stories about the critical importance of these hardworking little pollinators.  You'll also read about the worrisome decline in honey bee and native bee numbers due to pesticides, habitat loss, disease, mites and more. Thankfully people in the know are speaking up and taking action on this vitally important topic, specifically groups like the United States Enviornmental Protection Agency, European Union, and United Nations.  Read on to see how YOU can make a difference too.   …

Posted:   04|08|2016   By:   Nordic Ware

A childhood favorite for many, the hot dog has remained a simple classic meal, implemented in American cuisine. A popular ball park indulgence or street food must-have, the hot dog has not seem to phase out of the food trend market, even if it is a “once-in-a-while” food choice for many. Nowadays, gourmet hot dogs, bratwurst, and sausages are all the rage in the protein market, especially ideas from around the world. The New York Time’s bestselling journal of food and writing, Lucky Peach, has recently published a book about the best…

Posted:   03|22|2016   By:   Nordic Ware

Nordic Ware’s new signatutre line of gourmet Bundt Mixes are ready and available for all bakers to use! These simple recipes were crafted by a top-notch gourmet kitchen and have been tested to perfection. Whether you are an avid baker or more on-the-go and inexperienced, our line of simple and hand-crafted cake mix flavors are sure to impress anyone who has the experience of creating and indulging in one of these cakes. The mix will speak for itself as it combines the finest, all natural ingredients with kitchen staples to create an amazing…

Posted:   03|09|2016   By:   Nordic Ware

As a Bundt lover, have you ever wondered what shape is truly meant for you? Are you curious what Bundt best describes your personality?

As part of our 70th celebration, take Nordic Ware’s new Bundt Shape Quiz to find out what shape best fits you! Your result could be great inspiration for the next Bundt cake you bake! Make sure to share with your friends and family to show off your shape and personality. 

Take Quiz HERE

Posted:   02|04|2016   By:   Nordic Ware


We are starting a new tradition in the work place you won't want to miss! In the Nordic Ware office, we share the love for Bundt cake on a regular basis, but we want others to enjoy this treat in their offices as well.  You can also start you very own bring your Bundt to work day. During the month of February, we want to celebrate the love of Bundts by launching a photo contest revolved around your company’s #BringYourBundtToWork celebration. Here are the easy steps to enter!     …

Posted:   01|13|2016   By:   Nordic Ware


THE NEWS IS OUT! We have officially unveiled our three exclusive 70th Anniversary Bundts to the public: the Crown Bundt Pan (middle), the Bundt Quartet Pan (left), and the Geo Bundlette Pan (right).  We have decided to bring back amazing favorites in new sizes while incorporating Scandinavian inspired designs to create bold new ideas into the world of bakeware. This collection will exclusively be available in this beautiful gold finish for 2016 in honor of Nordic Ware's 70th Anniversary. 

You will not want to miss…

Posted:   01|05|2016   By:   Nordic Ware

With our healthy photo contest running this month of January, we wanted to highlight this important theme of health and nutrition through our amazing kitchenware products. Striving to make a healthy change or maintain a strong lifestyle that makes you feel energized and motivated will always be a challenge. Every small step counts in making healthy decisions in areas of exercise, eating habits, and lifestyle. One important step is fueling your body with the essential nutrients and quality food you need to live a healthy, strong life. Cooking is an important start…

Posted:   12|10|2015   By:   Anne


The holiday season has arrived which means holiday themed events, festivities, work outings, and family gatherings fill your schedule every week and weekend in December. Food is always a theme and sometimes a stressful concept in figuring out what to bring or how to entertain your guests with an exciting food array and options that everyone will enjoy. Besides the fact that desserts are always a given during this holiday time, a big focus tends to be on appetizers as they can be easy and quick to prepare without too much hassle…

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